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Gainesville Criminal Defense Attorney

Anyone who has been arrested for a criminal offense in Gainesville or has been charged with a crime in the state of Florida should seek advice from a Gainesville criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. From DUI offenses or sex crimes allegations affecting students at the University of Florida to drug charges or federal offenses, our firm is here to assist with your defense. At Meldon Law, we know how critical it is to begin developing a defense strategy that is tailored to the particular facts of your case and the elements of the criminal charges you are facing. Most criminal convictions in Florida can result in at least some jail time, and many offenses can lead to convictions involving many years in prison. You need to do what you can to fight the charges and to seek an acquittal.

Common Gainesville Criminal Defense Cases We Handle

The dedicated Gainesville criminal defense lawyers at Meldon Law regularly assist defendants in Florida with a wide variety of criminal cases. We tailor our defense strategies to the needs of every client, and we focus on helping you to avoid a conviction. If it does not seem possible to have the charges against you dismissed and an acquittal does not seem likely, we can also seek to have the charges against you reduced so that you can avoid jail time or reduce the severity of the charges on a criminal record.

Our firm has years of experience representing clients in many kinds of cases, including but not limited to the following:

  • Drunk driving and DUI cases, including first offenses and subsequent offenses;
  • Felony DUI cases;
  • Driver’s license reinstatement after a drunk driving conviction;
  • Simple assault and aggravated assault;
  • Drug offenses, including drug possession and drug trafficking;
  • Federal fraud and other white-collar criminal offenses;
  • Computer and internet crimes;
  • Bank robbery;
  • Theft and shoplifting crimes;
  • Weapons offenses;
  • Computer pornography;
  • Sexual battery and other forcible sex offenses; and
  • Expungement.

Criminal Charges Under State and Federal Law

Many criminal offenses in Florida can be charged as either state or federal offenses, regardless of whether your actions allegedly took place solely within the confines of Gainesville or involved travel across the state of Florida or across state lines. Some types of offenses will almost always result in federal charges because they involve interstate commerce, such as federal fraud charges or internet crimes. To be clear, interstate commerce does not simply mean physically crossing state lines, but can involve use of the internet from your own residence or engaging in interstate commerce by using the U.S. mail or ordering products that are allegedly involved in an offense that moved across state lines.

Many types of criminal cases will result in charges entirely under state law. Depending upon the nature of the offense and the particular facts of the case, a person can face charges under both Florida state and federal law for the same or similar act.

Seek Advice from a Gainesville Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you require assistance with your defense, our criminal defense lawyers in Gainesville can help. Contact Meldon Law today to get started on your defense strategy.

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