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Date:May 19, 2019
Traffic Offenses: No Valid Driver’s License

In Florida, driving is considered a privilege and to operate a motor vehicle on a highway in Florida a person must have a valid driver’s license. If a person doesn’t have a valid driver’s license they could be charged with the offense of No Valid Driver’s License, which is outlined in Florida Statute 322.03. Florida […]

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Date:May 17, 2019
Motion to Consolidate

Sometimes when a person is arrested for driving under the influence they also receive or are cited for additional civil traffic infractions or violations. If a person is arrested for driving under the influence with property damage since the vehicle was involved in some type of accident even if it is a single vehicle crash, […]

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Date:April 26, 2019
How Long Is a License Suspended for DUI?

A common question for Florida drivers who have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) is, “If I’m convicted, how long will my license be suspended?” The short and honest answer to that question is, “It depends.” Under Florida’s DUI laws, convicted offenders are subject to tiered sentencing. This means that each case is […]

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