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Date:July 5, 2019
Possession of Cannabis

Generally, speaking there are two different charges for possession of cannabis. One is possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis and the other is possession of more than 20 grams of cannabis. The major difference between the two is that possession of more than 20 grams is a felony of the third degree, which […]

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Date:July 3, 2019
Habitual Traffic Offenders

A habitual traffic offender (HTO) is a person who has received either three driving while license suspended (DWLS) offenses in a period of five (5) years, these three driving while license suspended can either be all civil citations for driving while license suspended, all three can be criminal or it can be a combination of […]

Habitual Traffic Offenders - Meldon Law
Date:June 24, 2019
Marion County DUI Court

by Ian Pickens Established in October 2000, DUI Court’s mission has been to reduce the number of repeat DUI offenders. DUI Court provides alternative community-based treatment and is structured to provide repeat offenders with intense outpatient treatment while on supervised probation. The Court monitors the individual’s compliance with the program and progress through regular court […]

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