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Happy Thanksgiving from Jeffrey Meldon & Chris Qualmann!

Brandon West of PHOS Creative joins the program during the first segment. He has spoken at multiple tech events, including the Exactech Arena at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center, and PHOS Creative was ranked #147 on the Inc. 5000 list.

For the remainder of the program, we have Ron DeFilippo, former owner of the gameday hotspot The Swamp Restaurant, to share some stories from over the years and to give a special announcement!

Jeffrey Meldon & Chris Qualmann have a bunch of great guests for you this week!

First, they are joined by Rabbi Berl Goldman, discussing his #communitywork and the Lubavitch Chabad #Jewish Student Center. You can find out more about Rabbi Goldman at

Jimmie Jennings, who is Jeffrey’s personal trainer, will stop by during the second segment. He has a TON of advice for anyone who is already #workingout, #training, or wants to start! You can reach out to Jimmie Jennings via his Facebook page:

Carey Meldon of Meldon Law in Ft. Lauderdale joins us on the last segment, talking #GatorsFootball, #DUIDefense, and more!

Join Jeffrey Meldon & Chris Qualmann for the third episode of Meldon Law Talk at 1:00 PM ET!
For the first portion of the program, they will be joined by Lizzie Jenkins, as she recounts her findings on the Rosewood Massacre.
Ian Pickens of Meldon Law comes in for the second portion of the program discussing his career and more on DUIs.

As a defendant, navigating the criminal justice system can be a daunting task, with multiple court dates, referred to by many different names, all accomplishing different goals. The following are frequently asked questions about court dates to help walk you through the process of your court case.  What Is First…

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Join Jeffrey Meldon & Chris Qualmann for the second episode of Meldon Law Talk!

For the first portion of the program, they will be joined by Dr. Pete Indelicato, former head team physician for the Florida Gators.

Meldon Law’s own Carey Meldon joins them for the second portion of the program, discussing Meldon Law’s recent expansion into South Florida.

Most people have had limited interaction with law enforcement. When encountering a situation in which they are the suspect or are suspected of being involved in a crime, they are inexperienced in navigating the situation. This inexperience sometimes leads to a desire to comply and being overly cooperative, to the…

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Join Jeffrey Meldon, Chris Qualmann, & Richard Perlini for the inaugural episode of Meldon Law Talk, a new hour-long law podcast premiering every Friday at 1:00 PM ET!

Reasons for a Florida DUI Investigation In a typical traffic crash the drivers of each vehicle exchange information, EMS may be called and Law Enforcement arrives to make a report. However, some traffic crashes lead to DUI investigations and arrests. In this situation it is important to be aware of…