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Gainesville Slip and Fall Lawyer

Man Slipping by the Warning SignIf you’ve been seriously injured in a slip and fall due to someone else’s negligence, getting legal guidance allows you to concentrate on recovery while we fight for the best possible outcome. Meldon Law is a force to be reckoned with. Insurance companies know what to expect when they deal with us––they fear us. Yet, our clients trust us wholeheartedly.

See how our Gainesville slip-and-fall lawyers can put their knowledge and skills to work for you. We offer free consultations: (352) 373-8000.

Recoverable Damages Following a Slip and Fall in Gainesville

If another party’s negligence caused your injuries, you deserve compensation for your losses. You shouldn’t have to shoulder the financial burden of another party’s actions or omissions. You deserve justice.

Our Gainesville personal injury attorneys can review receipts, wage statements, and invoices to establish your economic damages, which may include:

  • Medical expenses, including but not limited to costs for ambulance transport, ER visits, hospital stays, surgery, specialists, prescriptions, medical devices and equipment, in-home and in-facility care, and future care
  • Reduced future income if you are unable to work at your previous job and must take a lower-paying position
  • Property damage, if your property was damaged when you were injured
  • Wrongful death-related expenses, including funeral costs, end-of-life care expenses, and other related losses

Our team will evaluate your situation to determine appropriate compensation for your non-economic damages. Examples include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement or scarring
  • Disability
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Loss of companionship or consortium
  • Emotional trauma, including anxiety and depression

The lawyers at Meldon Law take your case’s outcome just as seriously as you do. We are determined to protect your rights and pursue fair compensation through a settlement or judgment.

We Understand How the State’s Laws Affect Your Case

As you prepare for this legal battle, it’s important to know that:

  • Florida only gives you two years from the date of the accident to file an injury lawsuit. The same limit applies if you’re filing a wrongful death lawsuit.
  • If an injured party is more than 50% responsible for the accident, they cannot recover damages for their losses. Fault can become a point of contention in personal injury cases. The other party may allege that you caused the accident, hoping to escape liability.

The insurance company hopes that you don’t know about these laws, so it can offer less than you deserve––or nothing at all. But you don’t need to understand how the law works to recover damages. That’s our job. Our lawyers use their knowledge, experience, and tenacity to handle even the most complex claims.

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Our Slip and Fall Lawyers Manage Every Aspect of Your Case

Lawyer Explaining to His Client While Client Holding Pen While Writing

The Meldon Law team will do the following for you:

Investigate Your Slip and Fall’s Circumstances

We learn the exact circumstances of your accident, so we can fight for the highest possible settlement. This involves interviewing witnesses, such as bystanders and store employees, to get their account of events. Your lawyer may also procure security camera footage, the accident report, and your medical records to learn more about your case’s details.

We will use the evidence we gather to determine fault, liability, and causation.

Communicate With All Involved Parties

Multiple parties could share liability for your accident. While this could offer multiple avenues of seeking damages, managing communications with these entities can get complicated. Your slip and fall accident lawyer in Gainesville can deal with these obligations so you can focus on healing.

Negotiate With the Liable Party (or Parties)

The liable insurance company may want to settle your case as quickly (and as cheaply) as possible. By reviewing your losses, our team will have a comprehensive understanding of what you’re owed. This allows us to negotiate a fair settlement with the liable insurance company. During this process, we shield you from any bad faith practices that could derail your case.

Prepare for Trial

Although we settle most personal injury cases before trial, there are instances where a lawsuit is necessary. In such cases, our attorneys prepare for trial and represent you in court. We fight for your future like we’re fighting for our own. Our familiarity with Gainesville’s court system grants us invaluable insight into the minds of judges, court officials, and others involved in these proceedings.

We are here for you 24/7

(Consultations are Free)

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Meldon Law Is a Staple of the Gainesville Community

Meldon Law has represented Floridians for over half a century. We are deeply embedded in the Gainesville community. When we’re not advocating for injured people, we’re rooting for the Florida Gators or spending time at one of our city’s many nature preserves.

Still, our clients’ words speak to our efforts better than anything we can say. We don’t have room to share them all, but these are a few examples of the feedback we get:

  • “My team with Meldon Law was awesome and were really helpful during a difficult time in my life. They showed how much they cared and took their time to explain the process to me. I’m happy I chose them to help me with my case.” —Orianna
  • “Hands down the best law firm!!! True to their word, They won’t back down! God sent me to them for a reason, Thank You Jesus. Grateful for sure. Trustworthy, Notable and for the people. Thank you!!!” —Jermaine

We feel confident that at the conclusion of our partnership, you’ll have similar thoughts. Our slip-and-fall lawyers routinely go above and beyond for our friends and neighbors. We’re eager to do the same for you, too.

Begin Your Free Evaluation With Our Team Members Today

We believe that mixing compassion with responsive legal care is what yields the best results. If you’re looking for a team of tireless advocates, look no further than Meldon Law. During your free case review, you can meet our team, learn about your options, and get peace of mind moving forward. Dial (352) 373-8000 to begin your free case review.

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