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Gainesville Federal Crimes Lawyers

A Man with Handcuffs Arrested for His CrimeMany people are familiar with the laws of the state, but federal crimes are largely misunderstood. Federal criminal offenses are those that violate federal law, and these crimes often have different elements than state offenses. For example, a drug crime may violate state law, but if crossing state borders was an element of the crime, it becomes a federal offense. Federal crimes also have much harsher penalties, including serving a sentence in a federal prison.

If you’re facing a federal crime, it’s imperative that you consider the benefit of partnering with a Gainesville federal crimes attorney. Meldon Law has decades of experience helping defendants overcome the charges they face. During a no-obligation case review, we can explore your options. Call (352) 373-8000.

The Importance of Partnering With a Gainesville Federal Crimes Attorney

The criminal defense lawyers at Meldon Law want to help. The federal government has an impressive record of winning cases, and to make matters worse, the penalties for federal convictions can be especially severe. For example, per the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability, anyone in federal prison must serve 85% of their time before they are eligible for parole. This is why having an attorney who is experienced in federal criminal cases is so important.

In addition to the loss of your freedom, federal convictions can carry financial penalties such as fines and asset forfeiture. The federal appeals courts have narrowed the potential routes to having verdicts reversed on appeal. That’s why for most defendants, the best chance at a positive outcome in federal cases is having skilled and experienced legal representation.

How Can a Federal Crimes Lawyer Help?

A Lawyer and His Client Hand Shaking After a Meeting Inside His Office

It takes specific, applied experience to defend against federal cases. More importantly, it takes an attorney who is committed to your welfare as a client. The attorneys at Meldon Law are passionate about criminal defense, and we believe we were literally born to do this work. We know how devastating a federal conviction can be for your future, and we will fight as hard as we can to achieve a positive outcome for you.

We will challenge every aspect of the government’s case against you. Our team can:

  • Examine the details of your arrest
  • Determine whether the police’s misconduct played a role
  • Look for inconsistencies in witnesses’ testimony
  • Work out a plea deal with the prosecution (if possible)
  • Manage communications with the involved parties
  • Build your defense
  • Present your case before a judge and jury

Our federal crimes lawyers leave no stone unturned when defending your freedom.

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Our Gainesville Attorneys Are Committed to Justice

Above all, Meldon Law is dedicated to serving the Gainesville community and its citizens. That’s why we are proud to be the official law firm partner of the University of Florida Gators! We serve our clients with integrity and compassion, no matter the charges. We don’t judge you; we fight for you.

What’s more, our team is committed to providing a high-quality criminal defense, even when you’re facing federal charges.

Our firm has a simple motto: Meldon Law C.A.R.E.S. We approach each case with:

  • Compassion. We understand that this is a challenging period in your life, and we want to make matters as stress-free as possible.
  • Accountability. We hold ourselves accountable for each aspect of your case, overcoming any obstacles that paint you in a bad light.
  • Reliability. You don’t have to worry about your calls going unanswered. We return all inquiries within 24 hours. We also hold ourselves to each of our promises.
  • Excellence. Our case results speak for themselves. We’ve had success with federal crime cases, preserving our clients’ rights and freedom.
  • Success-Driven. When we take your federal crime case, we have one goal: securing the best possible outcome. This may include an acquittal, dismissal, or reduction of the charges you face.

Our Attorneys Can Defend Against Federal Drug Crimes

A Police Officer Finds Drugs on a Man Wearing a Sweater and Puts Him in Handcuffs

Drug offenses are some of the most common charges laid at the state level, and state law often mirrors federal legislation. However, there are some important differences between state and federal drug crimes. First, any time you are suspected of bringing narcotics into the United States or across state lines within the U.S., you can be charged with a federal drug crime. This includes marijuana or cannabis.

For example, while Florida has not legalized the use of recreational marijuana, many states have. In these states, someone may not violate state law by consuming cannabis, but they will break federal law. They may face federal charges if the crime involves transporting the drug between states, or if the substance is consumed on federal property, such as in a national park.

State and federal law enforcement often work together when pursuing charges of a drug crime. When this is the case, federal charges may also apply because federal agents were involved.

Our Attorneys Can Defend Against Federal Weapons Crimes in Gainesville

Federal weapons crimes are like federal drug offenses, in the way that many of the same elements apply. For example, if illegal firearms were carried over state lines for sale or distribution, federal charges would likely apply. They would also carry mandatory minimums for convictions that no federal judge can overrule.

Charges for federal weapons crimes, like those that remain within the state’s jurisdiction, often accompany other charges as well, such as drug trafficking charges. Federal weapons offenses are taken very seriously and usually include a long sentence in federal prison for those convicted.

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Our Alachua County Attorneys Can Defend Against Federal White-Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes are often the first many people think of when they consider federal offenses. By their very nature, these federal crimes are non-violent and are committed for a person’s financial benefit. Embezzlement, tax fraud, and identity theft are all just a few of the most common federal white-collar offenses.

White-collar crimes are becoming more popular today, as technology makes it easier to access other people’s personal information. They are also almost always prosecuted at the federal level for this same reason. Crimes that involve computers are cyber fraud and wire fraud offenses, which are always classified as federal offenses.

Reach Out to Our Gainesville Defense Lawyers Today

Federal convictions are often accompanied by long prison terms, large fines, and lifelong damage to your reputation. If you find yourself under arrest or facing charges for federal offenses, it is critically important to choose an attorney who is committed to you, experienced in federal criminal defense, and passionate about the work they do.

The federal crimes lawyers at Meldon Law are all those things. We invite anyone who is under federal indictment to reach out to our office. We promise to serve you with compassion and integrity.

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