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Gainesville Weapons Crime Attorneys

The Second Amendment grants all American citizens the right to own and bear arms. Contrary to what many people believe though, this right is not unlimited. There are a number of limitations and regulations on the possession of guns and other deadly weapons. For example, while you may have a right to possess a firearm or other weapon, you must only use them in a safe manner. Violating the law can result in a forfeiture of your weapon, as well as jail time and high fines. If you have been charged, speak to a Gainesville weapons crime attorneys.

Our Attorney Knows the Law on Weapons Guns Offenses

It is illegal under state law for anyone in Gainesville to openly carry a gun or other weapon unless they have a proper license to do so. Violating this law is a second-degree misdemeanor. However, even with the proper license, you cannot display your gun or weapon in a violent or threatening manner. If you do, you could face criminal consequences.

Anyone that wishes to carry a concealed weapon must also obtain the proper license to do so. Carrying a concealed weapon is to have a gun or weapon on your person in a place that another person cannot readily see. Individuals that carry a concealed weapon without a license may face misdemeanor of the first degree charges. Concealing a firearm without a license is a third-degree felony.

Our Attorney Can Defend Against Weapons Guns Offenses of Unlawful Possession

Even though the Constitution provides every citizen with the right to bear arms, the law does not apply to everyone. Individuals that are prohibited from possessing firearms are as follows:

  • Anyone convicted of a felony offense
  • Juveniles that have been adjudicated of an offense that would have been considered a felony if tried in adult court
  • Any other person that has had their right to possess firearms or weapons revoked

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Our Attorney Can Defend Against Weapons Guns Offenses at the Airport

Under Florida law, it is illegal to carry weapons and guns in certain areas, including the airport. Many people choose to use Orlando International Airport when traveling to or from Gainesville and when a weapon is brought into the facility, it can result in very serious criminal charges. In most cases, these individuals have forgotten that they have a gun, knife, stun gun, or other weapon on them until it is too late. If you have been stopped by airport security for having a weapon inside the airport, it is critical that you speak to a weapons gun offenses attorney.

Our Gainesville Weapons Crime Attorneys Can Help with Your Charges

Being charged with a weapons offense is very serious, and you should not take the matter lightly. At Meldon Law, our Gainesville weapons guns offenses attorney will build a solid case to defend against your charges to give you the best chance of beating them. Call us today or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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