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Fort Lauderdale Premises Liability Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale Premises Liability LawyerIf you suffered injuries due to a preventable hazard on someone else’s property in Fort Lauderdale, you may have a premises liability case against the property owner. Florida law allows injured people to hold the property owner legally responsible for injuries and related damages under some circumstances.

A Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer from Meldon Law can represent you and pursue compensation and accountability on your behalf. Learn more today during a free case assessment with our team. We will review your case facts and provide information about your rights and how our attorneys handle similar cases. Contact us now to get started.

You Want Our Fort Lauderdale Premises Liability Attorneys on Your Side

When you work with us, you have our team’s knowledge, experience, skills, and resources on your side. Our team works hard to secure fair compensation for every client. We know it matters to your future, so it matters to us. And we never back down from a fight that matters to us.

You Pay Nothing Upfront for Our Legal Help

Our Fort Lauderdale attorneys handle injury cases on a contingency-fee basis. We will never ask you to pay upfront fees or costs. Instead, our fees come from a percentage of the money we recover for you. You only pay when we win.

There’s no risk when you work with our legal team.

Our Premises Liability Attorneys Fight for Every Dollar You Deserve

When our premises liability attorneys represent clients hurt in one of these incidents, we document their related expenses and losses and pursue fair compensation to cover them. This includes both current and future costs. Our lawyers know how to identify and value these damages, recovering money for them on the client’s behalf.

The damages you recover depend on the specifics of your case, but could include:

  • Medical expenses, such as ambulance transportation, surgeries, co-pays, emergency treatment, and prescription medications
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

One danger of attempting to negotiate a settlement on your own is inaccurately valuing the expenses and losses you incurred. It is challenging to put a price on your current costs, future care needs, future income losses, and non-economic damages. When you work with our team, we use our knowledge of similar cases to estimate a fair settlement range and fight for a payout that appropriately compensates you.

Here are two examples of awards we recovered for injured Floridians:

  • $275,000 award for the family of a young woman who drowned after her instructor ignored her distress call and left her at a local spring
  • $150,000 settlement for an injured jogger bitten by a dog at her apartment complex

We Can Help You Fight for Compensation and Justice After a Fatal Premises Liability Incident

Unfortunately, some types of premises liability accidents can cause fatal injuries. When a victim dies from their injuries, their family can recover compensation under Florida’s wrongful death laws. Our Fort Lauderdale wrongful death lawyers represent families seeking justice through the civil court system.

Connect with our team today to learn more. All initial case consultations are free.

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Our Premises Liability Lawyers Know How Fort Lauderdale Injury Cases Work

When a Fort Lauderdale injury victim contacts us about an accident or incident that occurred on someone else’s property, our attorneys can assess the case to determine if a premises liability claim or lawsuit is appropriate.

Under Florida law, property owners and some occupiers owe guests a duty of care to provide a safe atmosphere free from unreasonable hazards. This means they may be responsible for any injuries if there is a known hazard or one they should have been aware of. Some common examples include spills, trip hazards, items in the walkway, poor lighting, unsecured swimming pools, and fire hazards.

Our team can help you with any type of premises liability accident or injury, including:

  • Slips and falls 
  • Trips and falls
  • Falls from elevated heights
  • Construction site accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Stairway injuries
  • Negligent security incidents
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Fire injuries

To hold a property owner or lessee liable for injuries that occurred on their property, we must show:

  • They were responsible for the property’s maintenance and care.
  • There was an unreasonable hazard on the property.
  • They knew about, should have known about, or created the hazard.
  • The hazard caused your injuries.
  • The accident or injury resulted in damages.

A premises liability injury can occur on almost any type of property, indoors or out. Some of the most common defendants we see in these cases include:

  • Individuals
  • Restaurants
  • Stores
  • Offices
  • Shopping malls
  • Theaters
  • Sports arenas
  • Bars
  • Parking lots and garages

Almost any property owner or occupier could be the liable party. Their business liability or homeowners insurance coverage commonly pays for the injuries, expenses, and losses suffered when we negotiate or litigate the case.

Our Premises Liability Team Will Use Our Decades of Experience to Build a Robust Case on Your Behalf

To hold the property owner or occupier legally responsible for your injuries, we must develop strong evidence to support our accusation against them and demonstrate what happened and why.

To this end, our attorney investigates your Fort Lauderdale premises liability accident. This requires us to take several steps to identify, preserve, analyze, and organize evidence that could be crucial to recovering fair compensation in your case. You can count on us to:

  • Obtain eyewitness testimony
  • Get a copy of the accident report
  • Analyze your relevant medical records
  • Obtain surveillance video of the accident
  • Examine the scene and document the hazard
  • Work with expert witnesses, such as medical and financial experts
  • Research any related complaints or previous cases
  • Document damages, including medical bills and receipts

Once we finish our investigation and have strong support for the allegations against the property owner, we contact their insurance carrier and demand fair compensation. This often leads to settlement negotiations. We frequently settle these cases without going to court.

However, we will take your case to trial if necessary to get justice. We can sue the liable party in civil court, litigate the case, and ask the jury to award fair compensation based on the evidence we present.

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When Should I Contact a Fort Lauderdale Premises Liability Attorney About My Case?

Immediately. The Meldon Law team serving Fort Lauderdale is available to discuss your premises liability case with you today for free. You do not have to wait until your injuries improve. The sooner we can begin work on your case, the more you will benefit from our knowledge and experience with Florida injury law.

Consider these three benefits of contacting us quickly after your accident:

You Only Have a Limited Time to Act

Under Fla. Stat. § 95.11, injury victims only have up to two years to sue the at-fault party in most cases. Sometimes, you might have less time to act based on the circumstances. Our attorneys understand the applicable deadlines in these cases and can ensure you meet all necessary timelines—but only if we are aware of your case and you hire us in time to do so.

Crucial Evidence Could Disappear

Unless we act quickly to preserve evidence, it could disappear. Crucial evidence may be lost if we do not begin our investigation into your case soon enough. For example, surveillance video is often only kept for a week or two. There may be a video of your accident and injuries that we need to preserve during this time.

We can also use a spoliation letter to demand the liable party preserve and hand over any relevant evidence in the case, including this video. However, we cannot send this letter until you hire us to represent you.

Eyewitnesses are often crucial to these cases, too. The sooner we begin identifying and interviewing witnesses, the more detailed and accurate their statements. This could be key to recovering compensation in your case.

The Earlier You Call Us, the More Able to Are to Protect Your Rights and Fight for Your Best Interests

The liable party, their insurance carrier, and their legal team will not want to pay you fairly. Their goal is to close the case while paying as little as possible. Our Fort Lauderdale premises liability lawyers will protect your right to recover fair compensation and advocate for your best interests from start to finish. But if you wait too long to call us, you may have already said or done something that jeopardized your case.

Our Fort Lauderdale Premises Liability Attorneys Are Ready to Help You Today

We offer free consultations, where you can learn about your rights, legal options, and next steps. Let us review your case and explain how we can help today.

Contact us using our form or call our number to get started.


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