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Gainesville Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Drug Addict Buying Narcotics and Paying, Drug TraffickingBeing arrested for drug trafficking in Gainesville is one of the most serious legal predicaments you can find yourself in. Florida has some of the nation’s strictest drug laws, and convictions can result in loss of freedom, heavy fines, and other negative consequences that will endure long after you’ve paid your debt to society.

This possibility can be terrifying, especially as prosecutors and police often try to make you think your case is hopeless and you have no option besides pleading guilty. This isn’t true. The mere fact you have been arrested for drug trafficking doesn’t mean you’re guilty.

A Gainesville drug trafficking lawyer from Meldon Law can build a solid defense and advocate for your future. You have your entire life ahead of you, and we don’t want a conviction to destroy that. To learn about your options, call (352) 373-8000.

Our Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyers Offer Tireless Advocacy

Meldon Law knows your freedom is on the line, along with your personal and professional reputation. When you’re in a situation this serious, it’s important to have an attorney who genuinely cares about your well-being. We are committed to serving the Gainesville community, and for us, part of that service involves offering the legal representation you deserve.

Our criminal defense attorneys and staff operate on five key principles, which are:

  • Compassion. We’ll be with you every step of the way, giving you the respect, dignity, and empathy you deserve.
  • Accountability. We hold ourselves accountable for your case’s outcome, advocating for your freedom and moving your case along.
  • Reliability. Some law firms are too overwhelmed to give their clients individualized attention. Not us. When we say we’ll do something, we do it.
  • Excellence. We’re committed to mounting a comprehensive defense against your drug trafficking charges. We leave no room for error or misinterpretation when advocating for you.
  • Success. Our drug trafficking lawyers have a strong record, but we know we’re only as good as our next case. We dedicate all of our energy to achieving a positive outcome.

We Don’t Back Down From Prosecutors

Prosecutors often use the threat of mandatory minimum sentences to intimidate people charged with trafficking into pleading guilty in exchange for lesser charges. However, Meldon Law won’t back down when representing you in a drug trafficking case. The first thing we’ll do is carefully examine the evidence in your case. Why? Because the state’s charges against you are merely their version of the facts in your case.

During our investigation of your arrest, our experienced team of attorneys and investigators often discovers procedural errors in the prosecution’s case or other facts that may play in your favor. Errors can weaken the state’s case and give us an opening to ask for your charges to be reduced or dismissed.

Although we may explore the possibility of getting your charges reduced or reaching a mutually beneficial plea agreement, you should know that fighting for your freedom and future is always our top priority.

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Our Drug Trafficking Lawyers in Gainesville Craft Your Case’s Defense Strategy

Arrested and Handcuffed Man by the Police on the Street Next to a Car

Every offense has certain elements the prosecution must prove to secure a conviction. When pursuing a drug trafficking case, these elements generally revolve around knowledge and intent. The prosecutor must establish that you knew you were dealing an illegal substance, and that you meant to engage in the activity.

To secure your freedom, we may assert:

You Didn’t Know You Possessed an Illicit Substance

To secure a “guilty” verdict, the prosecutor must show that you knowingly possessed an illicit substance. So, we may assert that you didn’t know. For the sake of explanation, imagine that your friend left a sizable amount of marijuana in your car. Then, you were pulled over and charged with drug trafficking. Our team could use testimony, the arrest record, and other information to allege that you didn’t know the drugs were in your possession.

The Drugs Were for Personal Use

If you had drugs in your possession, we could assert that you had no intent to distribute them. Rather, they were for personal use. We may use your criminal record to support this defense, asserting that you do not have a drug-related history with no intention to distribute.

The Police Did Not Have Probable Cause to Search You

Not all police officers play by the rules, infringing on people’s rights. For instance, if the police discovered that you had drugs in your vehicle but had no reason to pull you over, we could move to have your case dismissed. The police can’t just pull people over for no reason. We could assert that because the police didn’t have probable cause, they can’t use certain evidence against you.

These are just some of the defenses we could employ on your behalf. We can offer more insight into your case’s defense strategy after reviewing your case and learning your story.

Our Gainesville Lawyers Define Drug Trafficking

Knowing how the law defines drug trafficking empowers us to build a strong defense. Drug trafficking involves transporting, importing, or selling illegal controlled substances. Depending on the circumstances, drug trafficking can be a state or a federal offense, and the two laws define the different substances that are considered illegal.

Meldon Law advocates for people whose cases involve:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroine
  • Opiates
  • Methamphetamines
  • Prescription medications

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We Protect You From These Drug Trafficking Penalties

Per Florida Statutes § 893.135, drug trafficking is a first-degree felony. That’s on par with carjacking, aggravated child abuse, and armed robbery. Convicted felons do not have the right to vote, serve on a jury, hold public office, or lawfully possess a firearm. Even just one of these things could complicate your life for years to come.

In addition to the effects on your personal life, the judge may also subject you to:


If found guilty, how long you spend in prison primarily depends on two things: the type of drug trafficked and how much there was. On the low end, if convicted, you could spend at least three years in prison. During that time, you could:

  • Face threats to your physical safety
  • Lose your job
  • Have to drop out of school
  • Deal with strained relationships
  • Suffer mental health complications

At Meldon Law, we don’t want you to spend a single day behind bars. We do everything possible to mitigate the effects of an arrest on your life.


On the low end, you could face fines of no less than $25,000––and that could just be the beginning of your financial hardships. This amount could be nearly impossible to pay off, especially if you spend years behind bars unemployed.


For many of our clients, probation is the ideal scenario. Rather than go to prison or pay costly fines, they meet periodically with a probation officer who monitors their activity. If possible, we may negotiate with the prosecution for probation, reducing the effects of a conviction on your life.

What Should I Do While Facing Charges of Drug Trafficking in Gainesville?

If you’re concerned about getting convicted of drug trafficking, you should carefully consider your next steps. You don’t want to give the prosecution any information that could discredit your character or otherwise unite the jury against you. Some considerations include:

  • Participating in a drug rehabilitation program. Everyone makes mistakes. If you’re a drug user, and that played a role in your arrest, getting treatment could paint your character in a positive light. We could assert that you’re committed to bettering yourself and don’t pose a threat to society.
  • Not engaging with others involved. You may associate with people who use drugs and engage in risky activities. During your case’s progression, limit your communication with these parties. You don’t want to be associated with any activity that threatens your freedom––even if you’re not directly involved.
  • Considering legal help. Meldon Law doesn’t want you to go through the criminal justice system alone. A single misstep could cost you your freedom. Our team advocates for everyone in our community, from students at UF to long-time Gainesville residents.

We also caution against talking to the police without a lawyer present. Some police officers are trained at getting incriminating information out of arrestees, and you don’t want to say anything that could damage your reputation or case’s strength. We can stand by your side throughout all questioning.

Consult With Our Drug Trafficking Attorneys in Gainesville Today

Every minute counts if you’re facing drug trafficking charges. The state is building a case against you, and the sooner you contact a drug trafficking lawyer, the sooner you can begin fighting back. If you’re in this situation and you don’t know what to do next, consult with a drug trafficking attorney from Meldon Law today. We won’t back down. Call (352) 373-8000 to learn more.

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