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Williston Wrongful Death Lawyer

WrongfulDeath3If your family lost a loved one to another party’s negligence, our Williston wrongful death lawyers extend our deepest sympathies. We know this is a challenging time, and Meldon Law empathizes with your grief. Pursuing compensation may feel like the furthest thing from your mind. Yet, we offer comprehensive legal support. So, while you focus on creating new memories with your family, we’ll focus on holding the at-fault party accountable.

There can be a lot of uncertainty when faced with the legal aspects of wrongful death. Our attorneys are here to answer your questions. We offer a free case consultation as a time for you to share what has transpired and get some guidance on your legal options. Call us at (352) 373-8000 to begin.

Our Williston Wrongful Death Lawyers Offer Legal Support

If you suspect your loved one’s death was caused by another’s negligence, our firm will investigate the accident to uncover evidence of liability. We look at police and medical reports, speak with eyewitnesses, and bring in expert analysts to uncover who is financially responsible.

We help you file a claim with the liable party(s) insurance company and enter into negotiations for the full and fair compensation settlement you and your family are due. If negotiations falter, we prepare for trial and represent your family’s interests in court.

Here are some things we want you to know about partnering with our Levy County lawyers:

You Have a Limited Window to Seek Damages

Florida has a two-year statute of limitations for wrongful death lawsuits, meaning you have two years from the date of your loved one’s passing to file a lawsuit. If you don’t act within this period, you could lose the right to compensation––even if you have stacks of evidence and thousands of dollars in damages.

When you partner with us, you don’t have to worry about tracking deadlines or crossing off days on your calendar. We handle your case’s time-sensitive aspects, including the statute of limitations.

Only Certain Parties Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In addition to the statute of limitations, Florida law notes that only a personal representative of the decedent’s estate can seek compensation. Once they resolve the case, they distribute the proceeds to the decedent’s beneficiaries, which may include their spouse, parents, and children.

Even if you’re unsure whether you’re the personal representative, we want to hear from you. We can clear up any misunderstanding about the state’s wrongful death laws and advise you of your options.

Meldon Law CARES About Your Williston Wrongful Death Case

Our law firm was established by Attorney Jeffrey Meldon more than 50 years ago. Even after being in the field for decades, he retains a zeal for advocating for grieving families.

We serve our clients with compassion and integrity, taking on their fights like they are our own. At the end of the day, our story is always the same: we won’t back down.

Our Clients Say Positive Things About Our Firm Time and Time Again

We’re honored when people entrust us with their legal matters. The following are a few words from those we have had the pleasure of serving:

  • “My sincere thanks for the professionalism that service Tanner Demmery and his team displayed was exceptional. Especially helpful were the frequent updates from Alexandra. I’m extremely satisfied with everything they did upon my behalf and am pleased with the outcome. I found them to always be friendly and straightforward, my questions and concerns were always fully answered. I highly recommend Meldon Law.” —Zosita
  • “Always kept us informed with what was going on. They did anything and everything they could for us.” —Janae

We hope to instill confidence in our team’s abilities from the very beginning. That way, you’ll feel at ease about your case’s outcome.

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Our Wrongful Death Lawyers in Williston Seek These Damages

Compensation in a wrongful death case can’t turn back the clock and undo what happened. Yet, it can offer your family financial resources in rebuilding their lives and moving forward. We shoot for the highest possible settlement during negotiations––and not a penny less. As noted, if we feel as though the insurer isn’t cooperating or negotiating in good faith, we can file a lawsuit.

Financial recovery may comprise:

  • Loss of future financial and emotional support
  • Loss of companionship
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of parental companionship, guidance, and instruction
  • Medical expenses related to the injury prior to death
  • Funeral expenses

You could recover other losses not listed here, depending on your situation. We use receipts and bills to learn the value of your economic losses. We evaluate your loved one’s passing, role in your life, and earning capacity when calculating the cost of your pain and suffering.

Check Out Our Previous Case Results

To our clients, we’re more than lawyers. We’re part of their support systems. In addition to pursuing full compensation for their losses, we lend our support, advocacy, and listening skills. Since we first opened in 1971, we’ve recovered millions for grieving families.

We know you’re in a delicate state, so we won’t discuss the intimate details of these cases here. But we do want to share that:

  • Recently, we recovered $250,000 and $110,000 for two fatal medical malpractice cases. Here, we consulted with healthcare providers and other experts to prove negligence.
  • We recovered $250,000 for a fatal drowning. We gathered compelling evidence showing that a SCUBA instructor’s negligence led to the incident.

These are just a fraction of the settlements we’ve recovered during our years of service. Our team doesn’t stop fighting until we secure the best possible outcome.

Call Our Williston Wrongful Death Attorneys and Get the Help You Deserve

We cannot erase your pain. Yet, with compensation, you can start getting your life back on track. Call (352) 373-8000 to consult with Meldon Law’s Williston injury lawyers about your case. When you’re ready to share your story, we’re here to listen.


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