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Seek Maximum Settlements with Our Gainesville Bus Accidents Lawyer

Buses are one of the safest modes of transportation, and they are better for the environment because they carry multiple people to many places. Unfortunately, any type of vehicle can become involved in a crash on the roads, and that holds true for buses, as well. If you have been hurt, our Gainesville bus accidents attorney can answer your questions after a crash and provide the reliable legal guidance you need during this difficult time.

Our Attorney Will Determine Who is Liable for Your Crash

Bus accident claims are complex for many reasons. One of these is that these cases often involve multiple potentially liable parties, and determining what caused the crash is not always easy. Our attorney will determine which party acted negligently and is therefore liable, which may include:

  • The bus driver: Many different forms of human error can result in a crash. If the bus driver speeds, drives while impaired, does not follow traffic signs, or otherwise acts negligently, they can be found liable for a crash.
  • The bus company: If the company that owned the bus and hired the driver did not ensure they implemented proper hiring and training practices, or did not maintain their vehicles, they can be found liable if an accident results.
  • The maintenance company: Just as bus companies are responsible for maintaining their vehicles, anyone they hire for the job is also expected to do it properly.
  • Manufacturers: Defective brakes, tires, and faulty wiring systems are just a few bus parts that can break down and cause a crash. When they do, the manufacturer of the defective part can be held liable.
  • School districts: School districts are responsible for the buses they use to transport students. If they did not properly inspect or maintain their vehicles, it can also result in an accident.
  • Other drivers: Other negligent drivers may also be found liable if they cut a bus off, made an improper lane change, or otherwise acted negligently and it caused a crash.

It is not always easy to determine what caused a bus accident, which is one reason it is so critical that you work with a attorney when filing your claim.

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Our Attorney Will Prove Liability

Unfortunately, if you were hurt in a bus accident, your word alone is not enough to prove your case. You will need strong evidence, which is often difficult to collect when you are trying to recover from serious injuries. A attorney will know what evidence to collect to prove your claim, and that may include:

  • The accident report
  • Toxicology reports
  • Photos and video footage of the accident scene
  • Expert testimony from accident reconstruction experts and auto parts specialists
  • Medical records
  • Cell phone records
  • Documentation from the bus company, including employment and driving records

Depending on the facts of your case, the above are just a few of the most common types of evidence used to prove your case.

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If you have been hurt in a crash, our Gainesville bus accidents attorney at Meldon Law can help you claim the full damages you need to cover the cost of your injury. Call us today at 800-373-8000 or fill out our online form to schedule a free case review.

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