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Florida Rollover Crash Attorneys

A rollover crash can be a traumatizing experience. Rollovers feel scary to vehicle occupants for good reason: they’re one of the deadliest types of traffic accidents. While only 3% of all motor vehicle accidents are classified as rollover crashes, roughly 30% of all fatalities occurring in traffic accidents result from rollover crashes.

Rollover crashes can cause broken bones, spinal damage, brain injuries, and even fatalities. Many Florida families involved in rollover crashes are left not only with totaled vehicles but also with staggering medical bills, all while unable to work after suffering serious injury. No one should be forced to engage in an endless battle with insurance carriers while struggling to recover from an accident. Contact Meldon Law for a free discussion with one of our Florida rollover crash attorneys. 

Meldon Law’s skilled rollover crash attorneys are standing by to help

Don’t take on the insurers alone. Get help from the Florida rollover crash attorneys at Meldon Law. With our team of experienced car crash attorneys on your side, you can focus on your physical recovery and leave the fighting to us. We have spent decades litigating and negotiating successful settlements with insurers and understand how to get results.

How do rollover crashes happen?

Rollover accidents occur when a vehicle experiences an abrupt shift in its center of gravity. For example, when a vehicle is rounding a curve, the force pressing against the side of the vehicle will increase as the vehicle accelerates in speed. If the vehicle reaches an unsafe speed on the curve, that force will cause the vehicle’s center of gravity to tip too heavily to one side, causing it to roll.

Another way that vehicles can rollover is when they are subjected to a sudden change in direction. If a driver is traveling at a high speed around a bend in the road, but suddenly changes direction or overcorrects the turn, this can cause a pendulum effect. The vehicle will swing more and more dramatically from side to side, causing the driver to lose control and roll. These types of rollover accidents may be the result of a dangerous maneuver by another vehicle in front of the victim, or from an animal suddenly darting into the roadway and the driver overcorrecting to avoid hitting it.

Are trucks and SUVs the only vehicles that rollover?

SUVs are no longer as disproportionately susceptible to rollover accidents as they once were; in fact, newer models of SUVs are even less likely to roll over than are sedans. However, any taller, top-heavy vehicle with a higher center of gravity is more likely to roll over than a sedan or other vehicle that sits lower to the ground. That said, no vehicle is immune to rollover crashes. Statistics show that a substantial majority of all rollover crashes occur on undivided, two-lane highways in rural areas by many different types of vehicles.

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Roadway “trips” cause many rollover accidents

Government safety organizations assert that the most common reason for rollover accidents is a so-called “trip” in the roadway. A trip can be anything in the road that causes a fast-moving vehicle to be thrown off-balance on one side, shifting the vehicle’s center of gravity in the other direction. When a car hits a trip, the sidewall of the vehicle’s tire deforms and the wheel’s rim hits the roadway. This impact causes the vehicle to roll.

Examples of trips that can cause rollover crashes include:

  • Major potholes
  • Loose rocks or piles of gravel in the road
  • Curbs
  • Soft shoulders
  • Construction debris

Government entities and contractors may be liable for dangerous road conditions that result in rollover accidents

Up to 85% of all rollover crashes are single-vehicle crashes. However, just because a crash does not involve another vehicle does not mean that the injured driver was at fault. When roads are in dangerously bad condition, rollover accidents become far more likely due to the greater number of trips in the road. If a rollover accident victim can prove that an unreasonably dangerous roadway condition caused their accident and that those responsible for the road’s poor condition had been aware of the hazard, the victim may have a right to pursue a claim against the agency responsible for road maintenance.

In some cases, the responsible party may be a government entity. In others, it may be a construction company operating a building site near the roadway that resulted in debris spilling out into the road. Experienced personal injury and rollover crash attorneys such as those at Meldon Law can help you determine who might be responsible for your injuries and how best to get the money you need after an accident.

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When you’ve been hurt in a Florida rollover crash, don’t fight for damages alone. Get experienced help you can trust when pursuing money damages after an accident. Speak with the compassionate and trial-ready Florida rollover accident attorneys at Meldon Law to find out your options after a crash.

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