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Lake City Drug Trafficking Attorneys

All drug offenses in Lake City are taken very seriously but drug trafficking is one of the worst charges you could face. If you believe law enforcement is investigating you for drug trafficking, or you have already been arrested and charged, a Lake City drug trafficking attorney. An attorney will build a strong defense for your case that will help you avoid the harsh penalties that come with a conviction and help you retain your freedom.

What is Drug Trafficking?

Florida law defines drug trafficking as selling, importing, or transporting controlled substances that are considered illegal under the law. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a case, a person may face either state or federal drug trafficking charges. Generally speaking though, the controlled substances outlined under both sets of laws are the same. Opiates, cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, marijuana, and even prescription medications in some cases, are some of the most common controlled substances listed under federal and state law.

Anyone convicted of drug trafficking in Lake City will face the harsh penalties associated with a first-degree felony. In addition to the lengthy prison sentences and high fines that come with a conviction, there are other consequences, as well. Convicted felons cannot serve on a jury, vote, legally possess a firearm, or hold public office. A criminal record can also make it extremely difficult to find employment, serve in the military, and even some types of housing.

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Defenses to Drug Trafficking

To secure a conviction, the state prosecution must prove certain elements of the case beyond a reasonable doubt. This means they must prepare arguments that would leave a reasonable person with no reason to doubt their case. These elements include:

  • You possessed an illegal substance: Sometimes, law enforcement may lay charges and make an arrest even though you did not possess an illegal substance. For example, law enforcement may arrest a person after finding large quantities of a white, powdery substance in a vehicle. Later, it may be found that the substance was not illegal, which would provide a strong defense.
  • You knew the substance was illegal: Knowledge is a key component in drug trafficking charges. If you did not know the substance was illegal, that could provide a defense. For example, a courier may have packages of drugs among their cargo and not know it. If that substance is found in their vehicle but the courier had no knowledge of it, that could serve as a defense.
  • You intended to traffic the drug: Like knowledge, intent is another very component of any drug trafficking case. If the drug was illegal and you knew it, but you did not intend to sell it, you may face simple possession charges rather than trafficking charges.

A drug trafficking lawyer can refute the prosecution’s arguments and evidence to help you retain your freedom.

Call Our Lake City Drug Trafficking Attorney for the Best Defense

If you have been arrested, you need the skilled help of a Lake City criminal defense lawyer. At Meldon Law, we have helped many clients retain their freedom and we want to put our experience to work for you. Call us today at 800-373-8000 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about the defenses available in your case.

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