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Buses are largely safe to ride, but anytime moving vehicles are involved, serious accidents can happen. Buses in large metropolitan areas can be chaotic and crowded, potentially causing the driver to become distracted from the task of driving. Since buses lack seatbelts, there is little protection should the bus be involved in a crash. Even when the bus doesn’t crash, negligent or careless driving practices can cause a bus driver to stop short, which can result in injuries to passengers.

Getting compensated after a bus accident isn’t always easy

Claims for injuries suffered in bus accidents can be highly complicated to pursue, let the experienced Florida bus accident attorneys at Meldon Law help you. Often, multiple parties bear partial responsibility for an accident, and when there is a government entity involved, claims can become even more complicated. It can be hard to avoid making mistakes when filing a bus accident claim without prior experience, and those mistakes can even lead to loss of the right to pursue a claim at all.

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Meldon Law’s seasoned team of personal injury attorneys is ready to help. Our exceptional team of investigators and attorneys has assisted countless Florida accident victims. Let us go into battle with stingy insurance companies and navigate complicated laws and regulations on your behalf after a bus accident claim. You’ll rest easy knowing your case is in capable hands. Reach out to Meldon Law for your free case evaluation.

Bus accidents can come in different forms:

  • Dangerous conditions on the bus: There isn’t a way to keep public buses perfectly clean at all times. However, bus operators remain liable for highly slippery surfaces, broken components that injure passengers, or other serious hazards that bus operators knew or should have known about but didn’t fix. Passengers who are injured in a slip-and-fall accident or other injury suffered due to a dangerous condition on the bus may have a claim for damages.
  • Single-vehicle bus accidents: When buses are the only vehicle involved in a crash, there is a stronger likelihood that the bus driver was the responsible party. If the bus driver loses control of the bus, the top-heavy nature of a bus can result in catastrophic rollover crashes.
  • Multiple-vehicle bus accidents: Passenger vehicles often try to swerve around or cut off buses in order to avoid getting stuck behind them in traffic, but this sort of aggressive driving can be extremely dangerous. Like large trucks, buses are huge and heavy vehicles, making them difficult to bring to a sudden stop. They are also too large to deftly avoid accidents on tight city streets. When buses are cut short in traffic, they may be unable to stop or swerve in time to avoid a collision.

What are some potential causes of bus accidents?

  • Distracted driving: Bus drivers are often managing a very diverse and sometimes rambunctious group of passengers. If one of those passengers causes a disruption on the bus that draws the driver’s attention away from the road, the driver could end up colliding with another vehicle. When drivers of passenger vehicles text while driving or engage in other distracting behavior behind the wheel, they could cause a crash that the bus driver was unable to avoid.
  • Lax maintenance: Buses cover many miles each day, experiencing a great deal of wear and tear. If buses are not carefully inspected on a regular basis, with attention to tire tread and pressure, fluid levels, brake condition, leaks, and even the condition of windshield wipers, buses can become extremely dangerous, both to their passengers and to other drivers on the road.
  • Drowsy driving: Drivers of buses on long-haul trips may be forced to drive through the night when they’re normally daytime workers or forced to drive for more hours than is safe. Should a driver fall asleep at the wheel of a bus packed with passengers, the consequences can be truly devastating.

How do I pursue a claim after a bus accident?

Seeking damages after a bus accident claim can be challenging. Bus accidents tend to be complex, with more than one party responsible for the accident. Determining responsibility for the crash alone can take time and require extensive investigation. If multiple parties are responsible for a crash, the accident victim might need to file claims with more than one insurance provider. This can mean going through multiple settlement negotiations so the victim can pay their medical bills and cover for lost work. Retaining an experienced Florida bus accident attorney can simplify this process, allowing victims to focus on getting better after a crash.

Get the Help You Need Contact a Florida Bus Accident Attorney

For dedicated, compassionate, and hard-working legal help after a Florida bus accident injury, contact the offices of Meldon Law to receive a no-cost evaluation of your injury claim.

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