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Florida Drug Trafficking Attorneys

Drug trafficking is a serious crime that can be charged as a third-degree, second-degree, or first-degree felony in Florida. A conviction for trafficking in a controlled substance can result in a minimum of 15 years behind bars with fines as high as $250,000. If you have been charged with this serious felony, you need to make sure you get advice and representation from a team of highly qualified legal professionals dedicated to your defense. The Florida drug trafficking attorneys at Meldon Law will take a careful look at the facts in your case and advise you on your best options for a favorable outcome.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with drug trafficking in Florida, don’t despair, don’t give up, don’t plead guilty, and don’t speak to the police. Instead, call Meldon Law first. Once you are armed with information about your case and have a strong defense attorney by your side, then you can make the right decisions that are in your best interests.

What Exactly Is Drug Trafficking?

The crime of drug trafficking is defined in Florida law as knowingly bringing drugs into the state. Other activities related to the manufacture, cultivation or transportation of controlled substances can also provide the basis for a trafficking charge.

One way people get charged with drug trafficking is after being involved in a drug buy with an undercover police officer. Even though the police might make you think you were “caught red-handed” and there is nothing you can do, you might still have valid defenses in these situations. For instance, people are sometimes entrapped in a drug sting to buy or sell drugs when they otherwise would not have done so. Other times, the methods used by the police violate Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures. If the case gets to trial, the prosecutors might not be able to prove chain of custody issues pertaining to the drugs or prove important elements of a drug trafficking offense such as intent. The point is not to give up hope after an arrest and plead guilty or give a statement to the cops without first talking to a defense attorney to put yourself in the best position.

Another way people find themselves behind a drug trafficking charge is to be arrested in possession of large amounts of a controlled substance. These individuals could be charged with possession with intent to sell or drug trafficking based solely on the amount of drugs in their possession. For example, possessing 25 pounds of marijuana can lead to a drug trafficking charge, as can the possession of 14 grams (half an ounce) of methamphetamine.

In these situations, it might be possible to plead down to a charge of simple possession, which for many people can be a very good outcome given the circumstances. You’ll need an experienced attorney on your side not just to negotiate a favorable plea, but also to determine what charges you should plead to and evaluate if you might have good defenses so that you should reject the plea and beat the trafficking charge in court. It’s possible the prosecutors are pressing a trafficking charge to scare you into pleading to a lesser charge or to get you to cooperate in a drug investigation. An experienced drug trafficking defense attorney can figure out what is going on behind the scenes and advise you appropriately.

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Can I Go to Drug Court on Trafficking Charges?

Drug court, also known as diversion or pretrial intervention, is meant to help drug users and addicts caught up in the legal system by getting them into treatment programs as an alternative to a jail sentence. Drug court is therefore not likely available to someone charged with trafficking based on an undercover drug buy or being found in possession of large amounts of drugs. The ideal candidate for drug court is a first-time, non-violent offender apprehended with only a small amount of drugs who could benefit from treatment.

If you fit the profile for pretrial intervention and it makes the most sense in your case, we’ll fight to get your case heard in drug court instead of criminal court. Even if you do qualify for diversion, pretrial intervention is not the best option in every situation, so make sure to speak with an experienced drug crime defense attorney about your unique circumstances before accepting diversion or pleading guilty to a crime.

Our Florida Drug Trafficking Attorneys Will Fight for You and Defend You in Court

Drug trafficking is a serious charge that requires a serious defense. The Florida criminal defense attorneys at Meldon Law will put forward a strong defense or otherwise work to get you a favorable outcome when you are facing serious criminal charges. If you have been arrested and charged with drug trafficking in Florida, call Meldon Law for practical advice and zealous defense from skilled and knowledgeable Florida criminal defense attorneys.

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