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Ocala Criminal Defense Attorneys

A Man with Handcuffs Arrested for His CrimeWhen you’re facing criminal charges, it’s literally you against the State of Florida. The prosecution will leverage its resources, experience, and skill to seek the maximum penalty. Even though you’re innocent until proven guilty, it sure might not feel that way as you interact with law enforcement officials and the District Attorney’s office.

You don’t have to go head-to-head with the state alone. Instead, you can entrust your future to Meldon Law. Our team has advocated for defendants since 1971, and our Ocala criminal defense attorneys aim for one thing: your freedom. We offer no-obligation case reviews where you can meet our team, ask questions, and chart your next steps.

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Meldon Law’s Defense Team Handles These Criminal Cases

Our Ocala Criminal Defense Lawyers Uphold the Meldon CARES Pledge

Going through a criminal trial is one of the most frightening experiences and stressful times of any defendant’s life. Worrying about the future and taking care of your family makes the process even more daunting. That’s why it’s so important to have a criminal defense lawyer who understands both the legal and emotional impact of your situation.

That’s where what we call the Meldon CARES pledge comes into play. It’s more than just a word to us. CARES is an acronym that means:

  • C-Compassion. Your lawyer will be personally committed to your well-being. We put ourselves in your shoes, so we can assuage your anxiety.
  • A-Accountability. Your lawyer will take responsibility for managing your case. Other than cooperating with state officials, you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • R-Reliability. Your lawyer will be there when you need them. You get your lawyer’s contact information from the start, so you remain in the loop about your case’s progression.
  • E-Excellence. Your lawyer will deliver the highest possible quality of service. We’ve secured “not guilty” verdicts for cases that other lawyers shied away from.
  • S-Success-driven results. Your lawyer will be passionate about getting a positive result. We settle for nothing less than a fair outcome.

You are not just a case file to us. You are a community member in need, and we founded this firm to help people just like you. Your Ocala criminal defense lawyer’s only focus is your well-being and doing everything they can under the law to present your case in the best possible light.

We’re also going to fearlessly attack the prosecution’s case. When your future is on the line, isn’t that the kind of lawyer you want?

The Florida Gators Trust Us With Their Criminal Defense Matters

Meldon Law has been a fixture in the Central Florida community for decades. We are committed to the well-being of all our citizens, and that’s why we fight so hard for them in court. That’s also why Meldon Law is the only firm in Gainesville that can lay claim to being the official law partner of the University of Florida Gators. Your Ocala criminal defense lawyer will fight as hard for you as the Gators do on the playing field.

We don’t care what the charges are or how bleak you feel your situation is. We are deeply committed to the idea that every criminal defendant deserves the very best defense possible, and that’s what we give to all our clients. The way we see it, we’re part of the Gator family, and if you are a client, you are part of our family. We promise you that we will fight your criminal case like you are a member of our own family.

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What Can an Ocala Criminal Defense Lawyer Do for You?

An Ocala criminal defense lawyer from Meldon Law can level the playing field with the district attorney. They fight for the state. We fight for you, from the moment of your arraignment to the jury’s decision.

Our team’s resources go into building the strongest possible defense against the charges you face. We will isolate and expose any weaknesses in the case against you and force the state to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. If the state doesn’t meet that burden, we will aim for a reduction, a dismissal, or an acquittal.

Building your defense involves:

Managing Your Case’s Paperwork

One of the most difficult aspects of navigating the criminal justice system is the volume of paperwork involved in the process. Even leading up to your trial, there will be numerous important documents that must be filed regarding evidence admissibility or other areas of criminal procedure.

These are the kinds of things an Ocala criminal defense lawyer will handle for you. You won’t have to worry about filing dates or other administrative matters related to your case because we will be on top of it. We’re going to fight just as hard for you outside the courtroom as we fight for you inside the courtroom.

Advocating for Justice

What makes Meldon Law unique is our willingness to roll up our sleeves and fight for you. Our motto is “Won’t Back Down,” and we mean it. Your criminal defense attorney will not be frightened by the prospect of going against a prosecuting attorney. No matter whether you are being charged on the federal or state level, your attorney will be aggressive in your defense.

Looking for Holes in the Prosecution’s Case

If the prosecution’s witnesses misrepresent the facts on the witness stand, your Ocala criminal defense lawyer will challenge them aggressively on cross-examination. They will be equally fearless when it comes to making legal objections to questions or the prosecution’s tactics. We’re here to represent your case and give you the best possible chance of a positive case result.

We will not back down when it comes to fighting your charges. That commitment doesn’t stop with your lawyer. Our entire team, from our paralegals to the leadership at our firm, takes a personal interest in your case, and we will fight for you like we are fighting for a member of our own family.

We’re Proud of the Results We’ve Secured Through the Criminal Justice System

Here at Meldon Law, we have a long, proud history of getting acquittals, case dismissals, and other positive results for our clients. We’ve fought everything from DUI to drug cases, and we can also represent you in federal court if necessary. Some of our success stories include:

  • Our client was pulled over in a car with three other people, where the police found $3,038 in cash and 25 grams of marijuana. One of the occupants pled guilty to a possession charge—but not our client. We got their case dismissed entirely.
  • When the police pulled over our client, they were convinced that they were driving under the influence of alcohol. Our investigation showed that some evidence was suppressed, and through a deal with the prosecutor, we got the DUI charge downgraded to reckless driving. Through further advocacy, we got the reckless driving charge reduced to nothing but a traffic ticket.
  • Things didn’t look good for our client after they abandoned their vehicle in a forest and evaded law enforcement on foot. The state charged them with reckless driving, fleeing and eluding, resisting without violence, and driving with a suspended license. We talked down a 24-month prison sentence into probation.

These are just some of the situations we’ve handled for people facing the criminal justice system. There’s no case too big for us to handle. Whatever your criminal defense case entails, we’re here to manage it.

We are here for you 24/7

(Consultations are Free)

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Potential Defenses Your Ocala Lawyer Can Mount

Every criminal case is different and has unique facts. Your Ocala criminal defense lawyer will carefully review the charges and evidence against you, and then come up with the best possible defense. We may assert:

  • You’re innocent. If you didn’t commit the crime, we’ll hunt for evidence that proves your innocence and bring that evidence to trial. For instance, we could confirm your alibi with your friends and family.
  • The police violated your rights. Sometimes, police act outside the law in their zeal to make arrests. For instance, the police may have used excessive force. We can use this fact to bolster your defense and question the details of your arrest.
  • There was prosecutorial misconduct. Prosecutors want to win as badly as the police. If we can show that desire clouded their judgment and led to impropriety, we could secure a case dismissal on those grounds.
  • There were procedural errors. Police and prosecutors must collect evidence in accordance with specific procedures. Failure to do so can damage the prosecution’s case beyond repair.
  • The prosecution’s witnesses aren’t reliable. Many prosecution witnesses have been offered immunity or other inducements in exchange for their testimony, which can make them unreliable. If any prosecution witnesses have been compromised, we will demonstrate that to the judge and the jury.

Believe it or not, misconduct and procedural errors occur in many criminal cases. However, not all defendants have an attorney with the knowledge and experience to identify those mistakes, then use them as leverage to build reasonable doubt or press for a case dismissal. As such, there are other defenses we could employ than those listed here.

What Should I Do After Being Arrested in Ocala?

The stakes literally could not be higher for you as a defendant in a criminal trial. Even a misdemeanor conviction for a crime can cost you your freedom and destroy your personal reputation. That’s why it matters who your lawyer is. One way to improve your chances of achieving a good outcome at trial is to work with an Ocala criminal defense lawyer who has proven they can win cases for their clients––like a lawyer from Meldon Law.

Some other post-arrest considerations include:

  • Limiting your social media use. The prosecution may access your social media pages to paint your character in a certain light. You don’t want to post anything that could come back to bite you later. For instance, if you were arrested for driving under the influence, posting pictures of yourself at parties isn’t a great look.
  • Refraining from messaging the involved parties. You may want to message your accuser (if applicable) and set the record straight about what happened. Again, this does not benefit you. Your court case is your chance to share your side of the story––not over text messaging or phone calls out of court.
  • Making some lifestyle changes. You’re human, and everyone makes mistakes. Before your trial, you could try to better your life by enrolling in a substance abuse program or an anger management course. Then, we could show the prosecution that you’re not a threat to yourself or others.

These are just some post-arrest considerations. Your lawyer can advise you on other measures that could better your situation.

Talk to an Ocala Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been arrested for committing a crime in Ocala, one thing is true no matter what the charges are: having your case dismissed or getting an acquittal at trial is the best possible outcome. One way to give yourself the best possible chance at that outcome is to have legal counsel who will fight your charges from start to finish. Meldon Law aims to offer quality, client-centered care.

Choosing your lawyer is maybe the most important step you will take toward the outcome of your case. We want you to make the best decision for yourself, and that’s why you can have a free case review with an Ocala criminal defense lawyer from our firm as soon as you’re ready. Reach out to our team and let us help you through this difficult time. Call (352) 373-8000 to begin.

Remember: Meldon Law CARES!


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