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Florida Deputy’s Taser Causes Fire, Burn Injuries


When police officers arrest suspects, they may use weapons in the process, such as guns or Tasers. A Taser is a type of stun gun that can knock down a suspect and allow police to arrest them easily. However, when police recently used a Taser in Florida, it caused a fire at a gas station. The suspect is now hospitalized with third-degree burns.

The incident happened back in February, when deputies received reports of motorcycle riders pointing guns at other vehicles. This led to a police pursuit, which ended at the Wawa gas station in Osceola County.

A 26-year-old motorcycle rider got caught in the scuffle, even though he was not part of the group of motorcycle riders. He was simply at the gas station filling up his motorcycle. He did not have a gun in his possession nor did he point any weapons at police officers.

However, the man was treated as a suspect. He was tackled by deputies and his motorcycle was knocked over in the process. This caused gas to spill on the ground, which sparked a Taser a deputy was using on the man. This led to a fire.

The man was seriously burned, suffering third-degree burns to 75% of his body, and remains hospitalized. He is still alive, despite not expecting to survive his injuries. Three police deputies were also injured in the fire. Two suffered minor injuries, while the other third-degree burns and also remains hospitalized.

The motorcycle rider has hired a lawyer, who is asking the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to conduct an investigation of what happened that day.

The bikers went from Osceola County into Orange County. Police did not pursue them. A witness at the gas station heard police yelling “Get on the ground!” They arrest the man and they hear the Taser going off. Then the fire started and there was a big flame going into the air.

When Tasers Start Fires

Though extremely uncommon, incidents of fires caused by Tasers have occurred occasionally through the years. There have been nine recorded fatalities since 1993. There have been many other incidents where victims were not killed.

Taser recommends only three cycles, or 15 seconds of shocks on one person. Death has occurred when a stun gun was used at least five e times on a person.  Combustible fumes such as gas can also amplify the situation, calling for more training on these devices for police officers.

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Law enforcement officers use a variety of weapons to take down criminals. However, these devices need to be used properly. As seen in this case, they can cause fires, burns, and life-threatening injuries.

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