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How to Find a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

How to Find a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’re looking for a good personal injury lawyer, look no further than the attorneys at Meldon Law. Since 1971, we’ve offered comprehensive legal services to those living in the aftermath of a serious injury. We pride ourselves on our history of successful outcomes, dedication to client success, and commitment to the communities we serve.

During your free initial consultation, you can learn about finding a good personal injury lawyer and what it means to partner with our law firm. Dial (352) 373-8000 to get started.

We Have the Qualities You’re Looking for in a Potential Attorney

Whether you were hurt in a collision, fall, or another incident, our team feels confident that we can manage your claim or lawsuit. When you entrust us with your case, you will benefit from our:

  • Experience and expertise: Our lawyers have decades of experience recovering damages for injured people.
  • An understanding of personal injury law: Our lawyers are graduates from the nation’s most respected institutions. We remain abreast of personal injury law and how it applies to our clients.
  • Robust negotiation skills: Personal injury claims often require negotiations with insurance companies and opposing legal counsel. Our lawyers will advocate for your rights and maximize your chances of securing a fair settlement.
  • Trial experience: Although most personal injury cases are resolved out of court, it’s still important to choose a lawyer who is prepared to take your case to trial if needed. We call the courtroom our home away from home.
  • Communication skills: When you partner with our team, you get your lawyer’s phone number and email address for straightforward communication. You can also expect timely updates on your case, so you know what’s going on.

We’re confident that these skills, combined with our passion for helping injured people, can guide your case to a fair conclusion.

Questions to Ask When Looking for a Good Personal Injury Attorney

Our personal injury firm offers free case reviews where, at no obligation, you can learn about your legal options and next steps. It’s also your opportunity to ask questions, such as:

Do You Work on a Contingency-Fee Basis?

Lawyers have a reputation for being expensive. Yet, that’s a misconception––at least when it comes to the attorneys at Meldon Law. That’s because we offer our legal services on a contingency-fee basis. In this arrangement:

  • You pay nothing for us to break ground on your case.
  • We never request retainers or hourly rates.
  • A portion of your awarded settlement pays for our help.

This fee structure makes our services financially accessible to those who want legal representation.

What Are Your Case Results?

You want a law firm that has a track record of successfully recovering fair compensation. At Meldon Law, we’ve recovered millions of dollars in damages, including:

  • $1.5 million after a T-bone collision seriously injured our client
  • $1.25 million after our client was hit by a car and required lower back surgery
  • $950,000 after our client suffered life-altering injuries in a golf cart collision

The outcomes of these cases may not reflect your own claim’s resolution. Still, we believe they attest to our quality of service and level of client care.

What Personal Injury Practice Areas Do You Handle?

It’s important to work with a lawyer who has experience managing cases like yours. Think of it this way: you wouldn’t want a real estate attorney to help you navigate a criminal case, would you?

Meldon Law handles a wide variety of practice areas, helping victims of:

We also support grieving families by managing their wrongful death insurance claims.

What Do Previous Clients Share About Your Quality of Service?

You want a law firm that’s backed by countless client testimonials, each one highlighting their satisfaction. There’s no shortage of positive online reviews for the team at Meldon Law. Some satisfied clients have shared:

  • “My team with Meldon Law was awesome and were really helpful during a difficult time in my life. They showed how much they cared and took their time to explain the entire process to me. I’m happy I chose them to help me with my case.”
  • “I am pleased with the level of service and level of communication I’ve received so far from everyone at Meldon Law. Sheila is absolutely amazing, she is super caring and is always checking in with me and remembering what’s going on in my daily life.”
  • “I go to Meldon Law for any legal advice that may come up. Everyone I have spoken to there has been extremely nice and helpful, and Jessica Thomason particularly has helped me with many questions over the years. I trust Meldon Law and would refer anyone I know that needs legal representation to them.”

What Damages Can You Recover for Me?

You want a law firm that’s committed to recovering the full cost of your past, present, and future injury-related losses. That way, you can secure the funds you need to rebuild your life and put this challenging period behind you. Meldon Law can pursue maximum compensation that accounts for:

  • Your medical bills, including hospitalization and surgery
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • The cost of anything you spent out of pocket
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage costs
  • Disability
  • Mental anguish and emotional trauma

Our personal injury attorneys pursue every penny you need to move forward.

Contact an Experienced Lawyer From Meldon Law Today

Finding a good personal injury lawyer is an essential part of your case. Yet, you don’t want to wait too long because the statute of limitations limits how long you have to file a lawsuit after suffering a negligence-related injury. Missing the deadline means missing your right to compensation.

Contact us today at Meldon Law to learn more about our legal team, track record, and dedication to serving our clients with compassion and expertise. Call (352) 373-8000 to begin your initial consultation.

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