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Ways to Possibly Avoid a DUI Conviction in Marion County

This book is based on Jeffrey MeldonCarey Meldon, and Ian Pickens’ 50 plus years of DUI defense experience. The intent of this book is to educate the reader on possible ways to avoid being charged and convicted of DUI in Marion County.

This Book is Not Intended to Give Legal Advice Nor to Encourage Drinking and Driving!

This book is intended to:

  • Define what DUI is, how it is proven and how to avoid being charged with it.
  • Educate the reader about the amount of alcohol in drinks and what it takes to be at or over the legal limit of .08%.
  • Give the current facts and realities of what a person charged with DUI could be facing if he or she decides to drink and drive in Marion County.
  • Describe the seriousness of a DUI charge in Florida and the potential life long consequences of a DUI conviction.
  • Explain two common mistakes made by people that have been charged with DUI – Mistakes that often negatively affect the outcome of their case and consequently – their lives.
  • Explain a person’s rights during the various stages of a DUI arrest.Explain some of the legal challenges to a DUI charge.
  • Discuss why an attorney’s experience in DUI defense is an important factor when it comes to avoiding being convicted with DUI.
  • Give the reader criteria to look for when evaluating a DUI attorney.

To get your copy of this free consumer guide book now, simply fill out this confidential request form and it will be delivered to you immediately in PDF format and a hard copy will be mailed to you if you would like.

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