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Request Your Free Consumer Protection Guide, Seven Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Florida Accident Case, Today!

Have you been involved in an accident in Florida? Read this free, valuable protection guide to educate yourself before you talk to any attorney or any insurance adjuster! Don’t be taken advantage of or hurt your case.

Test Yourself: Do You Know the Answers to These True/False Statements?

  • True or false: My insurance adjuster is a trained professional and will help get me the benefits I paid for – he will be on my side.
  • True or false: There is no harm in signing the insurance company’s medical authorization form or giving them a recorded statement about my injuries.
  • True or false: I need to hire an attorney to help me win my accident case.
  • True or false: It is best to take the person that caused the accident to trial and sue them for all my bills!
  • True or false: If I make a claim for my Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UM) my insurance rates will go up.
  • True or false: If I submit a reasonable claim to the insurance company, I will get a reasonable settlement offer.
  • True or false: I was not at fault in the accident; therefore, I will get all my expenses covered and get rich!
  • True or false: All attorneys are the same!
  • True or false: I was legitimately and obviously injured in the crash, it should be easy to win my case.

This consumer protection guide book, will give you the answers to these questions, explain why, and much more. (The answers to all the above questions are FALSE!)

For your free, no obligation copy of this book, simply fill out the confidential form on this page, or call my office at 800-373-8000 and your copy will be emailed to you for instant download. I would be glad to review your individual accident case for free. Feel free to contact me, Jeffrey Meldon by calling the Meldon Law office or contacting me online for a free case review.

Your Request of This Popular Book Includes Jeffrey Meldon’s:

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