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Red Light Cameras Get The Green Light In Gainesville

The City of Gainesville is forging ahead in its efforts to enact and implement a City ordinance that will authorize the installation of “red light” cameras at major intersections in Gainesville, Florida. The ordinance, approved in a February 2009 commission meeting, authorizes the Gainesville Police Department to contract for the camera’s to be installed by a private company who will receive a percentage of the revenue generated by citations issued to the owner of any car caught running a red light.

It won’t matter who was driving, the ticket is issued to the owner. First and second violations will be $125.00 each and subsequent violations within a three year period will be $175.00.

The proponents argue that the cameras will reduce intersection traffic accidents. However, a study at the University of South Florida (USF) revealed that while side impact collisions were reduced in some cases, rear impact (i.e. rear end) collisions actually increase as people become aware of the camera’s and slam on brakes to avoid the possibility of a citation.

Gainesville officials identified the 10 most dangerous intersections as candidates for the cameras, but the outside company would choose locations based on the number of red-light violations.

A University of Florida study from 2004 found that at one major intersection, SW 34th Street and Archer Road, between 13.5 and 47 red-light violations happened in a given hour.

To read the USF study for yourself, follow this link:

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