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Tips for Drivers on How to Manage Blind Spots

Blind spots on vehicles cause 826,000 vehicles to be involved in accidents every year and approximately two children to be stuck by vehicles backing up every week. Accident attorney, Jeffrey Meldon gives a summary of the recent National Safety Commission’s (NSC) Driver Training alert for managing blind spots in vehicles. Here are some tips on how to manage your blind spots and ensure safety when driving, changing lanes, and backing up:

  1. Mirrors: Check your mirrors before you get on the road. Adjust them so that you can see where your blind spots may hide. The NSC warns not to pull your side mirrors in so close that you can see the side of your vehicle. Point them further out so that you can get a better visual of the cars in the lanes next to you. Your rear-view mirror should also be positioned so that you can see everything behind you. Between the three mirrors, you should ensure that you have a complete visual of the area surrounding your cars.

  2. Look Yourself: Do not rely on your mirrors to show you the whole picture. Even though you adjusted them to give you the best visual possible, there may be areas that your mirror cannot see. Always look over your shoulder to check the lane you are going to merge into. Do not remove your eyes from the road for a long period of time, though. You always want to make sure the lane ahead of you remains clear as well.

  3. Other Vehicles: Other vehicles also have blind spots and you should try to avoid them if possible. Generally, if you cannot see the mirrors of the car or truck in front of you, then they cannot see you either. Maintain a safe distance so that you can see their mirrors so that you know they can see your car. With big trucks and buses it is important to be able to see the driver’s face as well as the mirror. If you cannot see the driver’s face, you may be in a “No Zone,” which the NSC warns is an area that could lead the trucker to believe no one is in the lane and change lanes into you.

  4. Backing Up: Always make sure there are no small children around when backing up. Rear-view mirrors often cannot see right behind your vehicle and can lead to hitting small objects or children.

Vehicle manufacturers have begun to install safety measures such as rear-view cameras for backing-up in order to decrease the dangers associated with blind spots. These cameras and other mirrors can help but being cautious and looking before you act is always important and essential.

I am local accident attorney Jeffrey Meldon and I strongly believe that public education is the first step in the prevention of and/or recovery from a serious accident. My office and I take pride in our work, and the results we get for our clients.

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