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T-Bone Crashes – The Deadliest – Ocala Accident Attorney Explains

Will your vehicle protect you in a broadside crash? Ocala, Florida, accident attorney, Jeffrey Meldon, gives tips on what to look for in a car for the best chance of surviving these deadly accidents. He also gives statistics, factors, and common injuries of T-bone collisions.

What is a “T-bone” crash?

A “T-bone” crash refers to a side impact or a broadside collision, in which one vehicle impacts the other in a perpendicular formation. These crashes are the deadliest, causing serious head injury.

T-bone Statistics:

A broadside collision is deadlier than a head-on crash or rear-impact. Picture it: there’s no crumple zone, just a thin door and window. The T-bone crash became even deadlier in recent years with the dramatic increase in number of SUV’s.

In crashes between passenger cars, 51% of deaths occurred in side impacts (year 2000-01), according to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS). Add SUV’s and trucks into the mix, and the death rate in T-bone crashes increases to 60%. Why? SUV’s are heavier, built like tanks, and destructive to passenger cars and occupants, especially in broadside collisions.

Common Factors in a T-bone Crash:

  1. Red-light-running crashes;
  2. Deadliest T-bone accidents involve trucks and SUV’s;
  3. Intersection related;
  4. Involves a traffic sign;
  5. Laterally striking a pole or tree;
  6. Partial ejection through a side window.

Common Injuries:

  1. Head or brain injury;
  2. Skull fracture;
  3. Neck injury;
  4. Torso and chest injuries; and
  5. Pelvic fracture.

How to protect yourself in a T-bone accident:

All cars are not created equally. Surviving a T-bone crash may depend on a car’s design and safety features. Choose a car with the following features:

  1. Side-Curtain Airbags: Purchase a car with side-curtain airbags to provide side impact protection for your head, in the event of a t-bone crash. Beginning in 2009, side air bags should be standard.
  2. Torso Airbags: Torso side airbags are designed to protect the chest area that may be crushed and impacted in a broadside collision.
  3. Side Impact Rating: Before purchasing a vehicle, check government the model’s side impact crash rating.
  4. Structural Soundness: Go for a car with structurally sound sides to withstand hits from cars and trucks of varying heights. Here, a car’s weight matters-a heavier car may better endure a heavier impact.

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