Questions to Consider After a Florida Owner-Operator Truck Accident

In the trucking industry, an owner-operator is a term used to describe a self-employed commercial truck driver. It can also be used to refer to a small business owner who operates its own trucks to transport goods for customers. Owner-operators are sometimes hired because their rates may be more favorable than that of the larger carriers.

When individuals are involved in a Florida truck accident where the driver of the truck was an owner-operator, the main focus of liability is often the owner-operator themselves. A knowledgeable Ocala truck crash lawyer can assist you in receiving compensation for your injuries. This includes your medical bills, lost income, and rehabilitation costs. Your attorney will assess the following questions following a Florida truck accident involving an owner-operator:

  1. Did the owner-operator properly maintain the truck?
  2. Did the owner-operator properly load the cargo on the truck?
  3. Was the owner-operator following company guidelines if he was transporting for or on behalf of a company?
  4. Was the owner-operator driving under the influence at the time of the Ocala truck accident?
  5. Was the owner-operator abiding by Florida traffic and safety laws?
  6. Did the owner-operator properly secure the cargo in the truck?
  7. Was the owner-operator properly licensed?

Hopefully, the owner-operator involved in your crash was properly insured and therefore you may seek reimbursement for your expenses from the insurance company in addition to the owner-operator.

This amount, however, may be insufficient to properly compensate you for the full amount that you are entitled to. Fortunately, an experienced Ocala truck accident lawyer can fight for your right to be fully compensated for your losses. For more information about protecting your legal rights following a Florida truck crash call Jeffrey Meldon & Associates for a free consultation at our toll free number, (800) 373-8000.