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Head-On Collisions Are One of the Most Dangerous Type of Crashes; Here is Why

There are several common types of motor vehicle collisions: rear-end, side-swipe, T-bone, rollover, and head-on crashes to name a few. In this article Gainesville and Ocala accident attorney, Jeffrey Meldon discusses some basic information about head-on collisions including the common causes for them and explains why they are such a dangerous and potentially fatal crash.

What is a head-on collision? Just as it sounds; a head-on collision is when the front of a car, truck, train, bus, or any motor vehicle, collides with the front of another motor vehicle….front to front. These are generally serious collisions and have a higher rate of causing fatalities than other crashes, with the exception of rollover accidents. In 2005, 2% of crashes were head-on collisions but accounted for 10% of fatal accidents.

Why are head-on collisions more often fatal? Head-on crashes more frequently result in death because of the abrupt nature of them; stopping forward movement so instantly. To explain, when two vehicles of equal weight and size going the same speed crash head on, it is like crashing into a brick wall, and all forward movement stops all at once. For example, when two of the exact same vehicles in weight and size, going 50 mph, crash into each other head-on, each vehicle comes to an abrupt stop, just as if it had hit a solid wall at 50 mph, there is no giving way or absorption of the impact force. In fact, a person would be better off hitting a parked car at 50 mph, as the parked car would give and move and not be a stationary force, stopping their forward movement so abruptly.

Common causes of head-on collisions:

Common places for head-on collisions to occur:

  • 83% of head-on crashes occur on 2 lane, undivided, rural roads.
  • Construction zones
  • Highway ramps

Be safe! Pay attention to the road and do not drive distracted, here are some other ways to prevent head-on crashes.

We at Meldon Law strongly believe that public education is the first step in the prevention of an accident or in the recovery from one.

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