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Five Deadly Motorcycle Safety Myths

Certain “facts” about motorcycles may be dangerously wrong. Misconceptions about safety and crashes can lead to bikers increasing their chance of an accident instead of reducing it. Motorcycle accident attorney, Jeffrey Meldon, discusses some of these potentially dangerous and popular myths.

Myth 1: Loud Pipes Decrease The Chance of an Accident

Many bikers think that loud pipes let others on the road know they are near, thus increasing their safety. However, statistics show that the most common accidents involving a motorcycle occur when a car suddenly turns in front of the motorcycle. In those cases, loud pipes are of no help. Research shows that bikes with loud pipes actually crash more frequently. This is either due to drivers getting more aggressive or annoyed by the noise or the motorcyclists themselves getting tired and inattentive from the noise. Better to wear bright colored clothing for increased visibility.

Myth 2: Motorcycle Helmets Don’t Save Lives

Many bikers think that it is safer to not wear a helmet because it actually worsens their hearing and vision. Nothing is further from the truth. A helmet protects bikers from serious head injuries by absorbing shock and impact and also provides eye protection. Normal peripheral vision is between 200 and 220. The federal requirement is that all helmets provide 210 of vision. Over 90 percent of motorcycle accidents happen when the motorcyclist’s vision is 160 or in rear-end collisions when a motorcycle’s vision is irrelevant. A helmet also helps decrease wind noise which reduces biker’s fatigue. Statistics are clear: people who wear a helmet survive more crashes than those who don’t. What to look for when purchasing a motorcycle helmet.

Myth 3: It Is Safer to Ride on a Street than on an Interstate

Many think that riding on a street means slower speed, thus a smaller chance of crashing. However, riding on a street includes dealing with side streets, pedestrians, crossroads, and traffic moving in multiple directions. On controlled-access highways there are no pedestrians and no side streets from which a vehicle can appear out of nowhere. Because of this, it is actually safer to ride on an interstate than on a street.

Myth 4: A Motorcyclist Can Stop Better with the Conventional Brakes than with the Anti-Lock Brakes.

Anti-lock braking systems (ABS), which prevent a motorcycle wheel from ceasing to rotate while braking, allows the driver to have more steering control and prevents a skid. It is proven by many tests that motorcycles with ABS brakes stop in less distance than the conventional braking systems. The ABS brakes allow the wheel to continue to interact with the road surface, and are especially effective on slippery surfaces. Thus, the motorcycles with the ABS brakes can stop faster than the motorcycles with the conventional brakes.

Myth 5: If You Can’t Avoid a Crash, Lay It Down.

When bikers try to avoid an impending crash by forcing their motorcycle on the ground and ending up flat-side-down, they relinquish any control over their bike, risking their own safety. It is said that some motorcyclists use “laying it down” as an excuse for not paying attention and losing control on the road. Laying a motorcycle down and not using the brakes may actually contribute to a biker suffering serious injuries from the impact with the ground. Sliding into a car while you are on the ground might be more dangerous than having a hard stop against it. This is why “laying it down” is no longer taught at motorcycle safety courses across the nation: it is not safe.

We at Meldon Law strongly believe that public education is the first step in the prevention of an accident or in the recovery from one.

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