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New Proposed Bill Could Very Well Effect You!

Proposed Florida House Bill 793 will include DUI in the lists of warrantless arrests and could effect you. Most people are not in favor of DUI’s rights but…..Consider this scenario:

You’re at a restaurant that serves alcohol but you don’t have any alcoholic drinks. You head home with your spouse.

While at the restaurant you were seen by your neighbor who doesn’t like you. When you leave, Joe Neighbor calls 911 and says, “A drunk driver just left the restaurant and is probably headed home–he lives at 200 Main St, Anywhere FL.

You make it home and decide to have a few drinks while you watch TV before going to bed.

About 45 minutes later you hear a knock at the door. You open the door to find a police officer standing outside.

The following conversation takes place:

Police officer: “We have a report that you were driving drunk tonight, please step outside so we can investigate”. Have you been drinking tonight?

You: Well, I had a few drinks after I came home from taking my wife out to dinner.

Police officer: We have a witness who says you were drunk when you left the restaurant and they saw you driving your car from the parking lot. We are now requesting that you submit to some Field Sobriety Exercises to determine if you were too impaired to drive.

You: But I wasn’t drinking until after I finished driving!

Police officer: Sir, we have a witness that says otherwise and you appear to us to be impaired. If you participate in the exercises, we may change our mind, otherwise we’re going to arrest you for DUI based on the witness testimony and our observations of your current condition.

Not far fetched. Urge your Florida legislators to vote no on this Bill

To read my opinions on the Bill, please see my blog, Proposed changes to DUI arrest statute could very well effect you! Heads up Florida!

Remember, the only sure way of avoiding the lifelong consequences of a DUI conviction is to not drink and drive!

However, if it is too late, do not make another mistake – hire an experienced DUI/DWI lawyer to represent you and do it ASAP, don’t wait! You can contact us today at 800-373-8000.

The experienced Trial Lawyers at Meldon Law are dedicated to preserving the rights of the accused.

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