Distracted Driving | Leading Cause of Florida Car Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, drivers who are distracted while traveling on roadways are far more likely to be involved in a car crash. It is estimated more than 800,000 drivers are distracted by cell phones every minute on our nation’s roadways.

Mobile devices, however, are just one of many distractions while driving. If you were injured in an Ocala car accident involving a distracted driver, contact an experienced automobile accident attorney who can help protect your legal rights.

By definition, distracted driving involves any non-driving activity that a driver engages in while operating an automobile or motorcycle. Distracted driving can be divided into three distinct categories:

  • Distractions caused by visual stimuli – Visual distractions cause car crashes in Ocala by taking drivers’ eyes off the road while driving. Examples could include spotting wildlife on the side of the road, reading road signs/billboards, rubbernecking when passing by an accident.
  • Distractions that are manual – Manual distractions are to blame in Florida auto accidents when they cause a driver to remove his or her hands from the steering wheel while operating a vehicle. An example of a manual distraction would be a driver who is trying to eat, or attempting to text while steering.
  • Distractions that are cognitive – Cognitive distractions can result in Ocala car wrecks by taking drivers’ minds off the mental process of driving. A cognitive distraction might include listening to a book on tape, or engaging in heavy conversation with a passenger.

Some types of distractions may even fall into more than one category. Regardless of the type of distraction, the actions that are taken following an accident are crucial to the potential for success in a lawsuit.

Our free guide, Seven Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Florida Accident Case, offers more information about what not to do after you are involved in a crash. To learn more about protecting your legal rights following an accident, contact an experienced Ocala car accident attorney today. Call Jeffrey Meldon & Associates today to schedule a free consultation: (800) 373-8000.