Can Your Florida DUI Charge Be Dismissed?

While facing a charge of driving under the influence in Florida can be personally, financially, and emotionally devastating, with the right legal team in your corner you may still be able to beat the charge. It is very important that you act quickly to ensure that you receive the best possible chance at avoiding a conviction. An experienced Florida DUI attorney will work aggressively to have the charges dismissed, or, at a minimum, have the DUI charges reduced.

Even in cases where you submitted to DUI sobriety testing you may still be able to fight the charges against you. You do not have to simply accept the results or the evidence that is presented. Your attorney will consider the following information carefully when analyzing the facts and circumstances surrounding your Gainesville DUI:

  • Whether the court has proper jurisdiction over your DUI charge.
  • Whether the arresting officer who pulled you over did so with probable cause.
  • Whether your field sobriety exercises were properly administered.
  • Whether the results of your field sobriety exercises were properly interpreted.
  • Whether the chemical results of your DUI tests were accurate or tampered with.
  • Whether you were actually driving at the time of the alleged DUI.
  • Whether there were underlying factors that could contribute to the DUI charge such as your footwear, medications, or fatigue.

After analyzing these factors, your attorney will craft an aggressive defense to try to avoid a DUI conviction. A legal professional with substantial knowledge of the Florida court system and DUI laws is your best defense against a DUI charge. Our free guide, A DUI Guide for Alachua County, offers more information about ways to potentially avoid a conviction. For more information about defending yourself against a DUI charge, contact an experienced Gainesville DUI attorney today. Call the Jeffrey Meldon & Associates at their toll free number, (800) 373-8000.