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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Discussed by a Leading Accident Lawyer in Gainesville Florida.

One important factor in evaluating the damages in a personal injury or accident case is future medical expenses. In the case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), these medical expenses can be extensive. However, unless your attorney and doctor know how to go about fully evaluating medical conditions such as PTSD, the insurance company adjuster, or jury, will not factor these expenses into the future medical costs of your case.

People usually associate PTSD with war veterans, but it turns out that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of PTSD. PTSD can be especially hindering to a accident victim’s life when the simple task of getting into a car or vehicle of any kind, which is an everyday activity and a necessity for most people in our society, sets off extreme fear and anxiety.

PTSD in general, is an anxiety disorder; that if not treated can cause serious disturbances in a person’s or an accident victim’s life. It can be debilitating, and also lead to an increase suicide risk. This is a serious medical disorder, not to be ignored or taken lightly. A person suffering from PTSD can often have a hard time keeping relationships with people, both personal and professional; everyday tasks are often more difficult. PTSD can have a wide range of symptoms including: extreme anxiety and paranoia, feelings of fear, outbursts of anger, bad dreams, flash-backs, or even suffering from lack of emotion and feelings of emptiness. If PTSD goes untreated, some people chose to cope with their symptoms by self medicating in harmful ways, such as, alcohol or drug abuse, resulting in a whole slew of new mental and physical health issues.

It is very important to diagnose PTSD after a car crash or truck wreck or other types of accidents so that a person suffering from PTSD can receive the appropriate treatment to enable them to lead a “normal” life again. If you feel you have these types of symptoms it is important to tell your medical provider so they can be documented in your medical record.(Remember, if something is not in your medical record then in the eyes of a jury or insurance company, it does not exist!) This of vital importance to your health and to your accident case reimbursment because, treatment for PTSD can be expensive and long term and needs to be taken into consideration when negotiating an insurance settlement for your accident case.

Proper treatment of PTSD includes therapy and in some cases medication. Everyone who suffers from PTSD has a different healing process so there is no set amount of treatment time. PTSD may never be fully healed, however, therapy can help with the severity of symptoms. More information on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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