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What Should I Do if I Tripped and Fell on an Unmarked Curb in Front of a Store and Was Seriously Injured?

In any kind of “premises liability” or trip and fall, or slip and fall case in Florida, whether the accident occurred at a shopping mall, business restroom, or walking down the street; the steps to take if you feel you were injured because a business was at fault, for the most part are similar..

Here they are:

  1. Get medical care right away, or ASAP.
  2. Document all medical care.
  3. Take pictures to document evidence of the unsafe condition and of the injury.
  4. Write down as many of the details and observations about the property and circumstances of your fall.
  5. Get names of any witnesses.
  6. Report the incident to the store owner right away.
  7. Consult with a person injury attorney ASAP if you think you have a serious injury.
  8. Save other evidence such as the shoes or clothing that you were wearing at the time of the injury.
  9. Get a copy of any incident report that was written and get it at the time it was written.

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: It is important to document the conditions that caused the injury and to contact a attorney ASAP. This is because an unsafe condition can be remedied or changed after the fact, and it is important to show the conditions as they were on the day the injury occurred. A personal injury attorney (accident attorney) can send out an expert investigator to document and evaluate the dangerous condition and gather evidence.

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: Premises Liability cases from tripping or slipping and falling are challenging to prove and litigate. It is important to consult with an experienced serious injury slip and fall attorney to see if you have a case and to do it ASAP so accurate evidence can be documented before conditions change or witness become difficult to locate.

Jeffrey Meldon Tip: It is common for insurance companies to act quickly and offer a small settlement before the full extent of your injuries become apparent, or before you seek legal representation. It is also common for the owner or the business or their insurance company to deny that the unsafe condition ever existed. Consult with a skilled personal injury attorney before agreeing to any settlement.

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