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Use Your Smartphone After a Gainesville Auto Collision


More than 9 people are killed in the United States and over one thousand are injured daily by distracted drivers, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Driving while doing another activity or not keeping your eyes on the road is the definition of distracted driving[1] . Driving while distracted increases the likelihood of an automotive crash. There are three main types of Gainesville driving distractions:

  • Visual: Looking away from the road while operating a motor vehicle
  • Manual: Not keeping your hands on the wheel
  • Cognitive: Mental distraction to the point that other thoughts preclude you from driving safely

Activities like using a cell phone, texting, and eating are solid examples of driving while distracted. Using in-vehicle technologies (such as navigation systems) can also be a source of distraction. Texting while driving is the most dangerous activity, as your entire focus is taken from the task at hand, and directing it towards another.

Most insurance companies encourage you to turn off your cell phone while driving to avoid the temptation of answering a call or looking down at a text. However, that same smartphone can assist someone who has been involved in an accident.

How Can Your Smartphone Help After a Gainesville Crash?

After a Gainesville auto accident, it is easy to be unsure of what to do or how to act. In order to protect your rights, documenting when and where the accident took place, and who was involved, is crucial.

Use your smartphone to keep track of this vital information for future use. Here are several ways for you to help yourself after being involved in an automobile collision:

  • Debris: Take pictures of any debris left after an accident, including whose car it came from and where it is resting in relation to the respective cars.

  • Damage: Take pictures of the damage done not only to your car, but to the other(s). Include images of the entire accident scene, and from different angles. You’ll want to have more information than less. Consider taking photos that show where the accident took place in regard to traffic lights and road signs. Also, take pictures of any airs bags that may have been deployed.

  • Place Important Calls: Update your smartphone now with important numbers, such as the insurance company, towing place, the authorities, and important family members. It is much easier to have this at the ready, instead of scrambling at the last minute. Consider creating a new contact in your phone called ICE (In Case of Emergency). This will assist emergency personnel in who to contact if you are badly hurt.

  • Accident Checklists: Consumer Reports [2] has a list of smartphone apps to be used as a checklist in conjunction with an accident. Your insurance company may have a list of apps that they can provide for you to use, as well.

Gainesville Automobile Accident Attorneys

If you are involved in an automobile accident, you may be able to use your smartphone to take important photographs and to collect the necessary information. After you contact the local authorities and your insurance company, it is important to speak to a Gainesville car accident attorney at Meldon Law who can determine if anyone caused or contributed to your collision or if anyone is responsible for your losses. Call our office today for a free consultation at 800-373-8000 or use our online form.


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