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TurnSignl Is Coming To Our Market And Partnering With Meldon Law!


Innovative TurnSignl App Expands to Florida; Provides On-Demand Legal Guidance to Drivers

TurnSignl, the Black-owned app that provides 24/7 access to legal guidance from expert attorneys, is nowavailable for use in the Sunshine State. The expansion marks the fifth market for TurnSignl, with services also available in Minnesota, California, Georgia and Tennessee.

TurnSignl launched in the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death and national call for social justice and accountability in policing. Watching the movement unfold, the three co-founders decided to take matters into their own handsand create a way to empower their community by bridging the gap between law enforcement and the citizens they serve.

On the TurnSignl app, users video chat with attorneys who are trained to de-escalate encounters between driversand law enforcement, and the full interaction is recorded on video then saved to the user’s cloud. Importantly, these lawyers are licensed to practice in Florida and understand local regulations that can best support drivers in their jurisdiction.

This one-of-a-kind platform is a game-changer for drivers, families, businesses, and even police officers, where ithas begun to fundamentally transform the conversation about how to keep everyone safe.

“Too many times, we’ve seen how quickly a traffic stop can become a stress-inducing and even life-threateningoccurrence, especially for people of color. At TurnSignl, we have created a piece of the solution to bridge that gap and provide access to calming legal guidance that can change the trajectory of those interactions,” said Jazz Hampton, co-founder and CEO of TurnSignl. “We went to the marches, and we went to the vigils, but we couldn’t wait on the sidelines anymore. We always say that if we can’t legislate, then we have to innovate — so that’s exactly what we did.”

With nearly 20K downloads nationwide, TurnSignl is one of the fastest-growing companies in the legal industry. The TurnSignl app is available to download for iOS or Android today. For more information, visit

About TurnSignl:

TurnSignl is a mobile app that allows drivers to chat face-to-face with an attorney when they’re pulled over or in an accident. This on-demand service records the interaction while an expert lawyer provides real-time legal guidance over video chat. Founded in 2020 by three Black professionals, TurnSignl was created to bridge the gap between residents and police and to provide a simple way to help drivers feel safer and empowered on the road.

TurnSignl’s mission is to protect drivers’ civil rights, de-escalate roadside interactions, and ensure both drivers and law enforcement officers return home safely.

Media Contact: Cree Larson, [email protected]

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