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Treatment For Brain Injuries


Impact from a car accident, slip and fall, or blow to the head can cause a traumatic brain injury. A brain injury occurs when the delicate tissues and structures inside of the head are damaged.  When the brain suffers an injury, there is often inflammation or bleeding involved. A severe brain injury can lead to significant impairment or even permanent disability. The type of impairment will depend on the severity of the brain injury as well as the location.

The good news is that most brain injuries are mild and heal quickly with little to no treatment. However, the ones that are severe can cause disability and even death. In 2019, approximately 61,000 people died from traumatic brain injuries.

Once the brain is damaged, it cannot heal. There is no way to restore the brain back to its original state. However, there are ways to treat the injuries so that the victim doesn’t suffer further damage. Treatment can also help with some disabilities and teach a person to walk or talk again. Here’s a look at some treatment options for brain injuries.

Mild Injuries

Mild brain injuries typically heal on their own with rest. If there is pain, ibuprofen and other medications can help. Your doctor may monitor your condition to look for worsened conditions.

Moderate or Severe Injuries

More severe injuries will require immediate care. The focus will be on providing the victim with sufficient oxygen and blood. The doctor will also help maintain blood pressure and prevent further injuries.

Treatment will also focus on treating the effects of the injury, such as bleeding or inflammation.

You will be given medications to help prevent seizures. Diuretics can reduce pressure in the brain. If your brain lacks oxygen, you may be induced into a coma.

Surgery will likely be needed to prevent further damage. Surgery can help remove blood clots, which can put pressure on the brain. It can also stop bleeding and repair a fractured skull.

A severe brain injury can cause significant impairment. A person may be unable to walk, talk, or perform other daily activities. Rehabilitation can help a person relearn these skills. A person will likely have a team of therapists to help them with balance, walking, speech, cognition, and even job skills so they can return to the workforce. A person may require this type of therapy for the rest of their life.

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Brain injuries can range from mild to severe. While mild brain injuries may not require much in terms of treatment, severe ones can cause lasting damage. While they cannot be healed, they can be treated.

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