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Support American Legion Post 16!


Two weeks ago Dan Weisman from the firm had American Legion Post 16 commander Vickie Van Buren on Law Talk Live, and they discussed everything the American Legion does. Listen to the audio, from WSKY 97.3.

The American Legion is a veterans’ services organization dedicated to our veterans and their families. It has been around since just after World War 1. American Legion Post 16 is the post that is local to Gainesville and Alachua County, and is named after a young Marine named Haisley Lynch (the last Alachua County resident killed in action during World War 1).

The American Legion (and Post 16, specifically) engages in a mind-boggling amount of outreach and good works around the local area and across the nation. You can visit their webpage at Post 16 also has an organizational page on Facebook.

Most importantly in an immediate sense, however, is the following: Post 16 is within about $25,000 of being able to pay off their mortgage so they can own their post home free and clear. For an organization that makes its post home open for free to so many other veterans’ groups from around this area, this would be hugely liberating.

Donate to the American Legion

Please consider visiting and making a donation! Or any donations can also be sent to the post directly at 4701 NW 6th St., Gainesville, Florida, 32609. Thanks in advance to anybody who decides to donate, and thanks to everyone at the American Legion for all you do for our veterans and their families!

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