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Stopped Semi Truck Results in Fatal Accident in Bradford County

John Funderburk, 55, of Keystone Heights was killed after striking a semi-truck with his pick-up in Starke. The semi had been stopped on U.S. 301 so the driver could visit a fruit stand along the side of the road.

Funderburk was wearing his seat belt when he struck the back of the 2003 semi-truck, but sustained fatal injuries.

As a local accident attorney, with the information that I have on this accident, and being that the Florida Highway Patrol have not yet charged anyone in the fatal accident and an investigation is underway, I would just like to say again, sometimes tragedy does happen even with seat belt use, my heart goes out to his family.

Also, Florida is full of Interstates. Interstates are full of big trucks. Semi-trucks travel Florida’s main roads quite frequently, making them a common neighbor for interstate and highway drivers.

The lesson: drive carefully with semi-trucks. Do not follow too close and be on alert for lane changes they may have to make. Passing large trucks can be tricky, especially on two-lane, rural roads, so this must be done with extreme caution. Do not tailgate large trucks. Stay a safe distance back to be able to make lane changes or brake if they should stop suddenly.

I am not sure if this advice would have helped Mr. Funderburk, but maybe it could possibly help someone else.

Be safe out there and Buckle Up!

For more information on Florida safety laws for pick-up truck drivers.

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