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South Florida Man Demonstrates How NOT to Act at a DUI Stop


Reports indicate that before a 48-year-old man was arrested, he first fled from police and then, once stopped, exited his vehicle and chugged a beer. The man was arrested and faces numerous criminal charges, including:

Felony driving under the influence (DUI)

  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Failing to submit a breath sample
  • Fleeing from a deputy

The felony DUI charge is a result of having three prior DUI convictions, as well as a pending DUI case from 2017.

In recent years, some internet sources have advised people that getting out of your car and chugging alcohol in front of police is a sneaky way to avoid a DUI conviction. This is based on the theory that a prosecutor cannot prove that your blood alcohol content (BAC) did not result from the recently chugged beverage instead of alcohol imbibed before the DUI stop. This extremely dangerous behavior is almost certainly not going to provide a successful defense.

First, getting out of your car before asked by an officer can put police in fear of harm and may even result in them using deadly force against you. In addition, a prosecutor has many other ways prove that you were under the influence other than your immediate BAC. Fortunately, an experienced DUI attorney also has many other ways to defend against DUI charges that do not involve risking your life to chug alcohol in front of the police.

How to Act at a DUI Stop

Acting properly at a DUI stop can help keep you safe and allow you to begin protecting your rights almost immediately after you see flashing lights behind you. Always pull over in a safe manner as soon as you realize you are being stopped. While you may feel tempted to start looking in your glove compartment for your insurance card or in your bag for your driver’s license, this can create the suspicion you may be reaching for a weapon. Instead, turn on your interior light and keep your hands on the wheel until the officer asks for documentation.

Remember the following:

  • Provide your basic information when requested.
  • Answer questions politely, but briefly. Do not volunteer unnecessary information or admit to drinking.
  • Comply with any requests to exit the vehicle.
  • If an officer requests that you submit a breath sample, ask to speak with an attorney first. Call Meldon Law for legal advice.

Contact an Ocala DUI Defense Attorney for More Information

The DUI defense attorneys at Meldon Law have represented many clients facing DUI charges. We can begin protecting your rights immediately so please do not delay in calling us to discuss your situation. We can handle all aspects of your DUI case and fight for the best possible outcome for every client. If you have been arrested or charged with DUI, call (800) 373-8000 or contact us online to set up a case evaluation today.

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