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Single-Vehicle Motorcycle Accidents and Road Defects


Single-vehicle motorcycle accidents involve only the lone driver (and passenger, if applicable) and no other vehicles. These accidents can involve reckless driving or impairment, but other factors that have nothing to do with the driver, including road defects, can also cause them. Florida ranks high for motorcycle accident fatalities, so if you ride, ride safe, and never assume you are safe just because there are no other vehicles around.

Motorcycle Vulnerability

Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable than drivers of other vehicles. When riding a motorcycle, you must employ balance while controlling two wheels that keep you upright and moving forward. Furthermore, motorcyclists are utterly exposed and are, therefore, far more vulnerable to the elements, road conditions (including defects), and other drivers. All these factors can prove dangerous to motorcyclists.

Road Defects That Cause Crashes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) finds that roadways are designed, constructed, and maintained for car safety, and that motorcycle safety is usually an afterthought. NHTSA cites poor road design and maintenance as being contributing factors in numerous motorcycle accidents, injuries, and fatalities. NHTSA delineates several specific risk factors:

  • Debris on the road (which is more dangerous for motorcycles than for cars and larger vehicles)
  • Pavement ridges (current standards allow as much as 1.5 inches of untapered ridge, which poses a significant risk for motorcyclists)
  • Potholes
  • The use of slick road materials that decrease traction (like sealers for crack repairs), which are used with increasing frequency
  • Fluid spills
  • Metal road-surface components that offer little traction and are difficult to see when wet
  • Roadside barriers designed for car safety but that can be deadly in a motorcycle crash
  • Obscured or missing road signs and signals
  • Uneven or grooved driving surfaces (including gravel)

Any of these factors can contribute to a single-vehicle motorcycle accident in Florida.

Florida roads are designed and maintained by either the local, state, or federal government, which means that if a road defect caused you to be injured, you may seek recovery from a government agency. Government agencies aren’t in the business of being sued and they do their best to avoid it—including by enacting certain protections under the law. You’ll need a skilled motorcycle accident attorney with extensive experience in bringing successful claims of this nature.

If You Were Injured in a Single-vehicle Motorcycle Accident, Contact an Experienced Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

If you were injured in a single-vehicle motorcycle accident, you know how harrowing that can be. If your accident was caused by a road defect, it can be especially devastating and difficult to know how to proceed. Such a claim must be brought against a government agency, which can quickly get very complicated. First, seek immediate medical attention, then consult with a skilled Florida motorcycle accident attorney.

At Meldon Law, our experienced Gainesville motorcycle accident attorneys are skilled at thoroughly investigating road-defect accidents. We will build your strongest case and will fight for the compensation to which you’re entitled. If you or someone you care about has been in a motorcycle crash, contact or call us at (800) 373-8000 for a free consultation today.

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