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Proving That a Truck Driver Was Speeding


Many truck accidents are caused by negligence on the part of the commercial driver and one of the most common acts of negligence is driving too fast. It’s risky to speed in any type of vehicle, but it is particularly dangerous when you are operating an 80,000 truck full of cargo that is already difficult to stop. Speeding truck drivers and their employers should be held fully responsible for any injuries and damage that results from speed-related accidents.

If a speeding truck crashed into your car, it may be obvious to you that the truck driver was traveling too fast. However, neither an insurance company nor a court will simply take your word that you saw the truck speeding. Instead, you must provide evidence that the driver’s excessive speed led to the crash and to your injuries. The following are some common ways that injured accident victims can prove speeding as the negligent act that caused their injuries.

Traffic citations – If another party is at fault for your accident, it’s important to wait for law enforcement to arrive on the scene for many reasons. One such reason is that an officer will evaluate what happened and issue citations if they believe anyone violated Florida law. If a truck driver is later convicted of speeding, you can use that conviction as evidence of their negligence in your personal injury case.

“Black box” data – Even if no speeding citation is issued, there are other ways to prove the speed at which the truck was traveling right before it crashed. Each large commercial truck should have an event data recorder—often referred to as a “black box”—that records information such as speed and whether the brakes were applied at a certain time. This is similar to the black box that is often retrieved following an airplane or train crash. With the right type of expert who knows how to interpret black box data, you can obtain evidence of speeding.

Witness testimony – Accidents are often witnessed by other drivers or pedestrians who were in the area at the time of the crash. In many situations, a witness may state that they clearly saw the truck moving faster than other traffic or faster than seemed safe for the traffic or weather conditions. Such witness statements may be used as evidence that a truck driver was at fault for your accident and injuries.

Investigating an accident and gathering evidence can be complex and can require extensive resources such as expert analysis. You need a law firm on your side that has the ability to gather sufficient evidence to prove a truck accident claim.

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