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Police Officer Arrested For DUI


We expect police officers to uphold the law and avoid engaging in illegal activities. Unfortunately, though, many law enforcement officials will do things without thinking about the consequences. Plus, it seems hypocritical when a police officer will pull over a motorist for drinking and driving, and then turn around and do the exact same thing.

A police officer from Miami-Dade County was recently arrested on DUI charges. The 26-year-old man was off duty when he was speeding on the morning of June 12 in the Florida Keys.

The police officer was driving a Chrysler 300, which he told police was his unmarked agency vehicle. He was traveling north on US-1 near Mile Marker 101. When police tried to pull him over, he was exceeding speeds of 110 miles per hour. Even when Monroe County sheriff’s deputies activated their lights and sirens, the police officer did not stop.

The man swerved and almost hit several vehicles before finally coming to a stop near Mile Marker 105. When he exited his vehicle, he had difficulty standing and appeared to be intoxicated. He was arrested and charged with DUI and fleeing and eluding. Because he faces a felony charge, he has since been relieved of his duty, with his pay suspended.

When Police Get Arrested for DUI

When law enforcement officers break the law, they should face the same penalties as any civilian who breaks the law. They aren’t supposed to get special privileges. An officer who’s convicted of driving under the influence should face the same penalties as anyone else.

However, a DUI charge can also affect a police officer’s employment, especially if the officer was on-duty at the time they were caught. Police officers who are arrested for DUI are usually subject to an internal investigation. Depending on the outcome, the officer could face various consequences, including dismissal, administrative leave, or suspension without pay. They could also be ordered to complete a substance abuse treatment program. If the DUI occurred while the police officer was on duty, they will likely be dismissed.

But even if the police officer was off duty at the time of the DUI charge, the penalties involved can make it impossible for the officer to keep doing their job. If a police officer gets their license suspended, for example, they will not be able to operate a squad car. Therefore, they may be placed on leave without pay until their driving privileges are restored.

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When it comes to state DUI laws, everyone needs to follow them. Police officers are no exception. They know the law and should be held to high standards, especially when it comes to drinking and driving.

A DUI charge can affect your life in many ways, no matter who you are. Count on the Florida DUI defense attorneys from Meldon Law to defend your case. Get started with a consultation. Fill out the online form or call our office at (800) 373-8000. We have three offices to serve you: Gainesville, Ocala, and Fort Lauderdale.



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