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Florida Motorcycle Safety Tips

Florida Motorcycle Safety Tips

Riding a motorcycle along Florida’s sunny roads and highways can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. That feeling of freedom when there’s just you, your bike, and the road ahead is like nothing else. But riding can quickly turn scary when roadway conditions, equipment failures, or other drivers threaten your safety. Read on for helpful motorcycle safety tips, and call Meldon Law if you or a loved one has been hurt in a Florida motorcycle accident caused by another driver’s negligence.

Stay safe while you’re riding your bike on Florida road and follow these tips:

  • Inspect your bike every time you ride: Before you get on your motorcycle, especially if you only ride occasionally, make sure that the tire pressure and tread depth are good. Check to see if the hand and foot brakes are in working order, and make sure the bike isn’t leaking any fluids.
  • Watch out for weather: Check the weather before you plan a long ride. A heavy rain or thunderstorm can make riding much more dangerous since bikes are more prone to slipping when the roads are wet.
  • Watch out for loose gravel or potholes: Motorcycles are far more likely to slide when hitting loose debris on the road, such as gravel or rocks. Additionally, keep a careful eye out for potholes, which can easily take out a bike.
  • Don’t drink and ride: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) publishes annual reports of the causes of roadway accidents and fatalities across the US. The NHTSA reports that about 29% of all motorcycle riders killed in crashes each year had a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or higher. This means that nearly a third of all motorcyclists could have been considered legally drunk at the time of their fatal accident. Riding requires careful attention and sharp judgment. Don’t inhibit your ability to ride safely by dulling your senses by having too much to drink before you get on your bike.
  • Wear sufficient safety gear to protect your skin from the road and the sun: If you’re forced to lay down your bike, you’ll suffer far fewer injuries if you’re wearing gear that will protect you from road rash or other lacerations. Wearing a technical motorcycle jacket, long pants, and other protective gear will not only keep you from getting scratched up in an accident; it will also prevent you from suffering potentially dangerous amounts of sun exposure during a hot and sunny Florida ride.
  • Wear a DOT-approved helmet: According to the NHTSA, only about 71% of all motorcycle riders use a helmet that’s compliant with standards published by the Department of Transportation. Helmets are 67% effective in preventing brain injuries, according to the NHTSA. The NHTSA estimates that of every 100 motorcycle riders who are fatally injured in a crash while not wearing a helmet, 37 of them could have survived the accident had they been wearing a helmet. While many riders worry that helmets could impede their ability to see the road, helmet technology has come a very long way, and helmets are rarely an impediment to having a safe and full view of the road ahead.
  • Make sure you’re visible: Passenger vehicle drivers being unable to see motorcycles is cited as one of the leading causes of motorcycle crashes. There isn’t any way for a motorcycle rider to force a driver to check their blind spots before changing lanes or making a turn. However, riders can increase their visibility by wearing bright colors and making sure their head and tail lights are in good working order before getting on the road.
  • Keep your speed under control: It can be tempting to open up the throttle and see what your bike can do on a stretch of open road. But excessive speed plays a role in many motorcycle crashes, and maintaining control while traveling at excessive speeds can become impossible if you encounter a hazard on the road or a driver who doesn’t notice you and crosses your path.

The Florida motorcycle accident attorneys who will fight for the money you’re owed after an accident

Motorcycle riders are often depicted in the media as reckless, dangerous, careless roadway occupants. While we’ve all seen the occasional sport bike racing down the highway at 100+ miles per hour, this public depiction is unfair and inaccurate. Riding requires careful attention, balance, and skill to do safely. And when passenger vehicle drivers cause accidents that leave motorcycle riders with serious injuries, motorcycle riders deserve to be compensated for their injuries.

The motorcycle accident attorneys at Meldon Law know how devastating a serious accident can be for motorcycle riders. We know that, no matter how hard you try to remain a safe and responsible rider, collisions can happen through no fault of your own. Our team of Florida motorcycle crash attorneys will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve after a serious crash. Contact Meldon Law as soon as possible after a Florida motorcycle accident so that we can begin pursuing a claim for you.

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