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Man Killed In Motorcycle Accident


Motorcycles are fun to ride but these small vehicles are susceptible to dangers. In a collision with a larger vehicle, the motorcycle rider almost always loses.

Sadly, this was recently the case in Lakewood Ranch. A man was killed after colliding with a turning vehicle. The fatal accident occurred on the morning of August 3 on Lakewood Ranch Boulevard.

A 20-year-old man from Bradenton was riding a motorcycle on Lakewood Ranch Boulevard, near Gatewood Drive, when he attempted to pass traffic in a bicycle lane. At the same time, an 83-year-old man from Lakewood Ranch was leaving a driveway in a Subaru. He attempted to make a legal left turn onto Lakewood Ranch Boulevard. The motorcycle rider could not slow down in time and hit the left side of the car as it pulled out.

The motorcycle rider was ejected from his motorcycle and landed in the roadway, where he later died. The Subaru rotated counterclockwise and crashed with a nearby Hyundai sedan. The driver of the Subaru was hospitalized with serious injuries. A passenger, a 25-year-old woman, was not injured.

The crash is under investigation. It does not appear as though criminal charges will be filed at this time.

Issues With Left Turns

If all we did was drive straight, there would be a lot fewer car accidents in the world. However, we sometimes have to turn left or right, which can lead to issues for motorcycle riders in the area.

This is mainly because when drivers of passenger vehicles and large trucks make turns, they are not tuned in to smaller vehicles like motorcycles. So when a motorcycle does appear, it can get easily overlooked. This is especially true for left turns.

Left turns are much more dangerous than right turns because when a driver turns right, they are not crossing any lanes of traffic. When a driver says that they didn’t even see the motorcycle when they turned in front of it, they’re being honest. Depth perception is a huge part of it. Plus, motorcycles tend to blend with their surroundings, and this makes it harder to see and judge their speed.

It’s especially dangerous when a motorcycle rider is trying to turn left. Motorcycle riders not only have to be wary of traffic in the opposite lane, but they must also look out for someone in their own lane trying to pass them on the left.

So when making a left turn, be aware, be patient, and be cautious. Never assume an oncoming vehicle will stop for you.

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Motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic for all involved. While the motorcyclist is likely to be seriously injured or killed, others involved could get hurt as well.

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