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Man Killed In Gainesville Motorcycle Crash


Motorcycle crashes can happen in a number of ways. In many cases, other motorists are at fault. In some instances, though, the motorcycle rider is at fault.

A motorcycle rider was recently killed after attempting to run a red light. The fatal crash occurred on the morning of September 13 at Southwest Archer Road and Clark Butler Boulevard in Gainesville.

A motorcycle and SUV collided at the intersection after the motorcycle rider tried to go through it while the light was red. The rider, a 23-year-old man, fell off the bike and suffered head trauma. He died at the accident scene.

The crash is still under investigation. No arrests have been made yet, but criminal charges could be filed at a later date.

Running a Red Light

A driver is considered to have run a red light if their vehicle enters an intersection after the traffic signal light has turned red. This is considered a violation. It is against the law and can result in a fine ranging from $125 to $200.

In some places, right turns are permitted on red lights. However, drivers must come to a complete stop first before turning. However, motorists who are inadvertently in an intersection when the signal changes are not red light runners.

Who runs red lights? Based on surveys of drivers, red light runners are more likely to be young men with prior crashes or DUI convictions on their driving records. They are also less likely to have a valid driver’s license.

There are two main factors that can decrease the number of red light violations: signal timing and red light cameras. Increasing the yellow signal time by at least one second has been known to significantly decrease both the number of red light violations and the number of total crashes. Red light cameras can also be helpful. Studies show that red light enforcement can reduce red light running by as much as 96%.

However, red light cameras can be controversial. Does the technology really work? The cameras work by automatically photographing vehicles that go through red lights. The cameras are connected to the traffic signal and they capture vehicles that don’t stop during the red phase.

When red light cameras are used, it’s standard practice for trained police officers to review every picture or video to ensure the vehicle is in violation. They will issue a ticket only if it is clear that the vehicle ran a red light.

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Drivers need to be careful when navigating the roadways. Traffic signs and signals are in place for a reason and should be obeyed in order to avoid accidents.

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