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Man Killed In Fort Lauderdale Train Accident


We don’t hear about train accidents that much, but when they do make the news, it’s likely because someone was killed. Sadly, this was the case in Fort Lauderdale.

The fatal accident occurred on the evening of October 1 at the intersection of NE 62nd Street and N Dixie Highway. A man was hit by a Brightline train while on the tracks in the area. The man died at the accident scene. It is unknown why the victim was on the tracks. No other details have been released.

Train Accidents in Florida

Train accidents are common in Florida. In fact, the Sunshine State ranks sixth for railroad crossing deaths in the United States. Train crashes are more common than you may think. Statistics show that a person or vehicle is hit by a train every three hours in the United States, on average.

Railroad accident deaths can happen anywhere, although in the state of Florida, they are most likely to occur in the south. Slow-moving freight trains are much less likely to cause a crash than faster-moving passenger trains. These modern trains have become more popular in recent years and are usually the ones involved in the accidents that make headlines.

Most train accidents in Florida occur in urban areas, where there is more pedestrian traffic. In fact, the majority of fatal railroad accidents involve pedestrians.

Motorcycle riders and those in school buses are more likely to be seriously injured or killed compared to those in a car. Most of these incidents involve pedestrians or drivers who think they can beat the train. They play deadly games. They fail to yield or stop for the train, which they must legally do under Florida law. Many people think that many railroad crossing deaths are suicides, but they only account for 2% of train-related deaths.

The man in this case was killed by a Brightline train. These trains appear to be deadly for some reason. The Brightline began operations in 2017. In the first year of operation alone, there were 15 fatalities.

Liability in a train accident will depend on the circumstances. For example, cases of suicide and trying to beat a train are actions caused by the pedestrian or driver. The train conductor or company would not be held liable. However, cases of railway negligence, conductor error, mechanical failure, and maintenance or inspection violations would likely result in some degree of liability.

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Train accidents are unfortunate incidents but the good news is that they can be prevented. By being alert and not acting in a reckless manner, pedestrians and motorists can avoid such tragedies.

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