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Man Killed In Crash Involving Utility Vehicle


Many people use utility vehicles on their property, especially if they have a lot of land. These vehicles are designed to be workhorses and are great for hauling supplies to more remote locations.

However, these vehicles have their downsides, as they are known for flipping over. Sadly, this is what happened to a Florida man, causing fatality. The fatal accident occurred on the afternoon of October 14 in Reddick.

A 41-year-old man was driving a Kubota utility vehicle at a private property located at 6000 NW Hwy 329. He was in the driveway when he veered off the road and landed on the right shoulder. He then drove around a curve and collided with a shrub. The utility vehicle kept going, ejecting the man onto the driveway. The utility vehicle then landed on top of the man. The man died at the accident scene,

UTVs vs. ATVs

Many people are familiar with all terrain vehicles (ATVs), but what exactly are utility terrain vehicles (UTVs)? Unlike ATVs, UTVs are used more for work purposes. They are large and powerful. They have a lot of room and can fit multiple passengers as well as materials and equipment. They’re great for offroad use and areas where it would be hard to use a truck.

UTVs are more like a car than an ATV. UTVs have four wheels and use a steering wheel to maneuver. They look similar to golf carts and are becoming more popular for use at schools and other non-agricultural areas.

Are UTVs Dangerous?

UTVs can be fun but they can also be dangerous if not used properly. In fact, statistics show that UTVs cause twice as many injuries as ATVs. Here are several reasons why:

  • They have a high risk of rollover. UTVs are narrow and top-heavy. Plus, they can carry up to six people and operate at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. These elements all make rollovers more likely to occur. Rollovers can result in a variety of injuries, including broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and brain injuries.
  • There are numerous product recalls and defects. There have been numerous recalls of UTVs over the last few years. The most common defects associated with these vehicles include brake issues, faulty door hinges, overheating engines, and fuel leaks.
  • They provide a false sense of security. UTVs look like cars, but don’t be fooled. These vehicles lack stability and safety. These can easily roll over and cause a crash, so keep this in mind when driving one. 

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ATVs and UTVs are prone to rollovers due to their size and center of balance. Those who ride these vehicles must be very careful and handle them with care.

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