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Man Admits To DUI Crash In Starke


When someone does something wrong, they will often deny it so they don’t get in trouble. A Florida man did the exact opposite. The man was recently involved in an accident in Starke. When Florida Highway Patrol arrived at the accident scene, the man admitted to having a few drinks beforehand and not being able to remember the details of the accident.

The DUI crash happened on the evening of December 29 at State Road 16 and County Road 233. Law enforcement officials arrived at the accident scene and saw two damaged vehicles. They found a Dodge Ram flipped over on its roof with damage to the back of the vehicle. A Chevrolet pickup truck was also involved in the crash. It was found with damage in the front.

The driver of the Dodge was a 47-year-old man. He claimed that he was driving on County Road 233 and turned right. That was all he could remember. He could not recall what happened afterward.

The driver of the Chevrolet told police that he was traveling on State Road 16. He was approaching the intersection when he saw that the Dodge did not stop at the stop sign. The driver could not avoid hitting the Dodge.

Police noticed that the driver of the Dodge smelled of alcohol. He was also unsteady on his feet, with watery, bloodshot eyes.

The man claimed that he was coming from Timbuktu (a bar in Starke) and heading to his girlfriend’s house. He admitted to drinking  “about six beers and a shot of crown apple.” Police asked if he was having dinner as well, but the man said the event was a family get-together.

The man was asked to perform standardized field sobriety exercises and he agreed. Police noticed he could not keep his head still during the exercises. He had trouble maintaining the starting position as well as his balance. Because of these issues, the man was considered to be intoxicated. He was arrested for DUI and taken to the Bradford County Jail. It is unknown if any bail was set.

The man acted inconsistently. While he agreed to the field sobriety exercises, he refused to provide a breath sample so that police could check for intoxication. He did apologize, however. The man was upset over being arrested, though. He made a couple statements such as “My career is over” and  “I’m f*****d.”

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