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Florida Man Killed In Bicycle Accident


While bicycles have the legal right to be on most Florida roads (not highways), many motorists disregard them. They often ignore them, as they are much smaller than passenger vehicles. They don’t see them, causing major and even fatal accidents.

Sadly, a Florida man was recently killed in a bicycle accident. The fatal crash occurred on the evening of July 18 on General Robert W. Bond Boulevard, near State Road 85, in Fort Walton Beach.

The 52-year-old man from Fort Walton Beach was heading west in the outside lane when a car approached him from behind. As the car was passing, it rear-ended the bicycle.

The bicyclist was taken to the HCA Fort Walton-Destin Hospital, where he later died. It is unknown if the driver, a 31-year-old man from Crestview, suffered any injuries.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

While some bicycle riders are at fault for their own accident, a large number of them are caused by motorists. That’s because many drivers treat cyclists as second-class citizens. They may ride so close to bicycles that they are basically on the bike’s back wheels or they may pass bicycles without giving them any room to spare. It’s no secret that drivers routinely put cyclists in dangerous situations, whether it’s intentional or not.

Here are some common ways in which bicycle accidents can occur:

  • Distracted driving. Distracted driving is a common cause of all types of motor vehicle accidents. Motorists need to refrain from using smartphones and other electronic devices while driving. When they aren’t paying attention to the road, they can cause serious accidents by not being alert to bicyclists.
  • Going too fast increases drivers’ stopping time, making it harder to avoid a crash in time. Even at low speeds, a crash can be fatal to a bicycle rider.
  • Drinking and driving is an act that affects everyone on the roadway. When a person is intoxicated, they often drive recklessly. They lack judgment and their reaction time slows down, making accidents more likely.
  • Many motorists like to tailgate bicyclists to gain dominance and hopefully force them off the road, However, if the bike rider suddenly stops, a serious rear-end accident can occur.
  • Unsafe lane changes. Because bicycles are so small, it’s easy for a motorist to overlook it when changing lanes. It’s easy to not see the bike and merge into the lane, causing a serious sideswipe accident.

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Getting hit by a car is a serious incident that can result in catastrophic injuries and even death. Bike crashes are most often the fault of other parties, so make sure you pursue a claim for compensation.

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