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Florida Crash Illustrates the Dangers of Broadside Collisions


There are many different ways two vehicles can collide, and while any type of crash can be life-threatening, some types of collisions present particular risks of severe injuries for motorists. One often-deadly type of car crash is the broadside collision. Sometimes known as a “T-bone,” a broadside crash happens when the front of one vehicle collides into the side of another vehicle.

Broadside accidents are often deadly for several reasons. First, because of the nature and style of most motor vehicles, there is little protection for motorists on the side of a vehicle. Even side airbags cannot fully protect you from injuries if a car hits your side of the car directly. There are no bumpers or crumple zones to protect you on the sides, so broadside victims can take the brunt of a crash.

In addition, broadside accidents commonly happen when two vehicles are moving – often through an intersection. One of the more common reasons for broadside crashes is a driver who runs a stoplight or stop sign and slams into a car that has the right of way to cross through the intersection. This particular scenario had tragic results in an accident that recently happened in Levy County, Florida.

A car with three passengers – females ages nine, 32, and 55 – was passing through an intersection when a 17-year-old driver reportedly blew through a stop sign and hit the first car broadside. While the nine-year-old sustained serious injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital, neither of the women survived the crash. The 17-year-old was also seriously injured and may face criminal charges. This is only one of many illustrations of how dangerous violating traffic signs and the resulting broadside accidents can be.

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