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The End of School Brings a Greater Risk of Drunk Driving


Drunk drivers can be on the roads in Florida in any season. However, when the school year comes to a close, drunk driving accidents can happen more frequently. The following are some reasons you should be particularly careful of drunk drivers in the coming weeks.

More Time and Freedom for Young Drivers

During the school year, many parents keep a close watch on their children to ensure they get adequate rest and make it to school each day. During the summer break, however, many parents are less concerned about their children hanging out with their friends on weeknights because they are no longer “school nights.” In addition, many parents work during the day, leaving their children with little to no supervision.

When teenagers get this extra freedom, they may use it to go to parties and drink alcohol with their friends. This behavior results in a greater number of young, inexperienced drivers who are under the influence of alcohol on the roads. Teens are often less likely to appreciate the risks of drunk driving, which can only increase the chances they may try to drive when they are drunk.

Graduation Celebrations

The end of school also means graduation parties for high school and college seniors. Graduating is an accomplishment, and celebrations are well-deserved; however, both teens and adults may leave such celebrations and attempt to drive home after drinking too much.

Memorial Day Celebrations

Every holiday weekend comes with an increase in drunk driving, and Memorial Day is no exception. Because so many people are off work, there will be many parties and barbecues that will undoubtedly involve alcohol. Anytime this occurs, the risk of drunk driving crashes will increase.

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