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DUI Cases On The Rise In Southwest Florida


Motorists know that drinking and driving is irresponsible. Yet, many people do it anyway. You would think that this crime would decrease over time, but in some places, it’s getting worse.

Take Southwest Florida, for instance. Drunk driving is a growing trend there, with the area set to break records this year for the number of DUI offenses people have gotten. Through July 2021, there have been 428 DUI arrests in Cape Coral. In 2020, there were 452 total DUI arrests. Through July 2021, there have been 241 DUI arrests in Fort Myers. There were 250 DUI arrests in the city in 2020. If the pace continues, both of the numbers for 2020 will be beaten.

One woman in the area has been affected by the rise of drunk driving incidents in the area. She lost her husband and stepson to a drunk driving accident in 2019. The two collided head-on with a drunk driver. The drunk driver, a 37-year-old man, is in prison for 20 years for his crime. The woman’s son was also in a drunk driving crash a year later. Luckily, he was able to walk away from the crash.

The woman is asking people to think about the safety of others while driving on Florida’s roadways. If you have had anything to drink, don’t try to drive. Call Uber or Lyft. Call your family or friends. Just don’t make the decision to drive.

Police officers are concerned about the upward trend and are asking drivers to be cautious when on the roads. They are working on prevention and safety efforts to get people to understand that drunk driving is unsafe.

Why Do People Drink and Drive?

You would think that people would know better than to drink and drive, but it still happens a lot. But why?

  • Lack of awareness. Some people just don’t really feel like they’re drunk. Everyone’s body is different. Some people do not get drunk as quickly, but they may start to feel the effects 20-30 minutes later.
  • False sense of confidence. Alcohol often makes people feel braver. They get a false sense of confidence and feel like they can do anything—that is, until they get behind the wheel and cause a serious accident.
  • No consequences. Some people like to take risks. If they drive while intoxicated one time and make it home without an accident or DUI, then they may be more likely to do it again, since there were no consequences.

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Dealing with the effects of a DUI accident can be heartbreaking for families of the victims. Because of this, DUI offenses are often treated seriously. Those who have been arrested for drinking and driving need to seek legal help right away.

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