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Documenting Your Injuries After a Car Accident


Car accident scenes can be chaotic. Even in relatively minor accidents, victims often do not know exactly what they should do. They may not be aware that certain actions – or the failure to take certain actions – can significantly affect their chances of obtaining compensation for their injuries in a subsequent legal claim.

While it is understandable that you are not automatically thinking about filing a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent party, one of the most important things to do after a crash is to document your injuries and the details of the crash as thoroughly as possible. Memories fade and your account of the crash or your reported injuries may be called into question at a later date and documentation can help substantially to support your claims.

Take Pictures

Almost everyone has a phone with a built-in camera. You should use your phone to take as many pictures of the scene as possible. Take pictures of the cars, the damage, the lighting in the area, any road hazards, and anything other conditions that may seem relevant to the accident.

Take Notes

If you make certain observations but either could not take a picture or forgot to do so, write down what you observed in detail as soon as possible. If you are feeling pain, make a note of where and how severe the pain feels.

Talk to Witnesses

Witnesses can be key in a car accident case. Make sure you gather all the names and contact information you can of witnesses, because they may not wait for police or want to talk to police for various reasons.

Of course, all of the above should be ignored if you need emergency transport to a hospital. In this case, try to see if someone remaining at the scene can take pictures and gather information for you.

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