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Dangerous Intersections In Ocala


In every city there are some intersections that are more dangerous than others. Whether heavy traffic, poor signage, confusing lanes, changes in speed, or a terrible combination of all of the above cause it, these are intersections that see more accidents than any other. Ocala has several of these intersections that for whatever reason are hotbeds for accidents. At and around these intersections, drivers should pay even more attention and remain especially cautious.

Florida’s Integrated Report Exchange System allows users to view accidents based on location frequency. If you would like to know what areas near you are especially dangerous, feel free to use their advanced search feature. Once in the system simply pick a time period and the county you are in to see the map. Based on the map of Ocala for the last three months, some of the most dangerous intersections are:

  1. S Pine Avenue and SW 17th Street
  2. SW 27th Avenue and SW College Road
  3. I-75 and W Silver Springs Boulevard
  4. I-75 and SW College Road
  5. I-75 and NW Blitchton Road
  6. S Pine Avenue and W Silver Springs Boulevard
  7. SE 25th Avenue and E Silver Springs Boulevard

If you are unfortunately involved in an accident at one of these intersections or anywhere else in the Ocala area, be sure to contact the experienced attorneys at Meldon Law.

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